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    8 Kids TV Shows You Didn't Realise Were Pretty Fucked Up

    The Fat Controller is a fascist.

    1. Thomas the Tank Engine

    There's a Thomas the Tank episode where a stubborn train is punished by being entombed alive forever and it's worse…

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    What you thought it was: A sweet animation about the daily adventures of some cute, colourful trains.

    What it actualy is: A disturbing portrait of repressive totalitarian rule, under the iron fist of the Fat Controller, where women are sidelined, individuality is punished, and blind obedience is rewarded. For comprehensive evidence see this article, this comment thread, and this post.

    2. Ren & Stimpy

    3. Rocko's Modern Life

    4. Caillou

    5. Cow and Chicken

    6. Tom and Jerry

    7. SpongeBob SquarePants

    8. Adventure Time