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Literally Just 26 Jokes About Jeremy Corbyn

"Hello, is that Ikea? I need a new cabinet."

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I'm going to try out some comedy on this train journey. Stand up? No thanks, I'll sit on the floor.


Corbyn actually gave his seat to Harambe but you won't read that in the MSM https://t.co/PuvwruwLLL


Two nuns in the bath and one says "where's the soap". A shocking example of overcrowding and lack of basic supplies caused by Tory NHS cuts.


"Jez leave it" *in the distance* "MARX WAS A TIT" "JEZ IT'S NOT WORTH IT"


when ur on the lash and see ur ex with another man


Jeremy Corbyn must do the decent thing. Prune that rosebush outside his front door so he doesn’t have to duck under it every morning.

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