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    Sep 19, 2016

    21 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By "EastEnders" And "Corrie"

    True soap fans showing their love.

    1. This extraordinary portrait of Dot Cotton.

    2. This Pat Butcher tattoo which is an amazing act of love.

    3. And what about this fabulous rendition of Pat?

    4. This brilliant tribute to Max Branning from EastEnders inked on a guy's bum.

    Can't believe someone's walking around with this on their backside. Incredible 😬

    5. This inspiring depiction of Corrie's Deirdre Barlow.

    6. And this fabulous portrait of Deirdre behind bars.

    7. And this one – a more understated way to show your love.

    Channel 4

    8. This black and white design honouring Lucy Benjamin who played Lisa Fowler in EastEnders.


    9. This work of art celebrating Corrie's Hayley Cropper.


    10. And this one of Corrie's Norris Cole.


    11. This fan, whose thigh is one big dedication to the beloved British soap opera.


    12. These tattoos of Corrie's Sian and Sarah in pride of place on this guy's tummy and arm.


    13. And this portrait of Ken proudly displayed on a guy's bum cheek.

    14. What better way to show your love for Coronation Street's Hilda Ogden?

    15. And if you're a fan of Peggy Mitchell, this subtle design would be perfect.

    16. How about a colourful tattoo of Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre, played by Michelle Keegan?

    Paul Talbot / Paul Talbot / REX / Shutterstock

    17. Or you could get Tina McIntyre tattooed on your torso in black and white.

    McPix Ltd/ REX/ Shutterstock

    18. Or how about a big Tina on your calf, like this one that hasn't quite healed yet.

    Sse / Steve Searle / WENN

    19. This marvellous portrayal of Shane Richie, who plays Alfie Moon in Eastenders.

    20. This bold way to show your affection for Corrie's Michelle Connor, played by Kim Ryder.

    Sse / WENN

    21. And finally this stunning tattoo of homeless Ian Beale that shows true dedication.

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