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We Need To Talk About Emma Watson's Hair

Just look at it.

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But also: her hair.

Gerard Julien / AFP / Getty Images

And just to clarify for anyone anyone who might be confused: Although we are about to discuss at length a superficial aspect of Emma Watson – her beautiful hair – that does not mean that Emma Watson or indeed all women are superficial. Being a beautiful female actor with great hair and being smart as hell are not mutually exclusive.

Emma Watson's hair is going to destroy us all because it's just so bloody good.

Gerard Julien / AFP / Getty Images

LOOK AT IT. Look at the goldeny strands, and the not-quite-straight centre parting. Good grief, such hair.


Since then, Emma has been showing us exactly what a bob is meant to be. Here she is on International Women's Day.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Emma is laughing here as if she doesn't realise she has just killed us all with her impeccable bob.

Here she demonstrates the power of her bob scooped up into a cute lil' bun. Also note: The feathery, half-there fringe. Neither one thing or the other, but everything.

Afp / AFP / Getty Images

For another day: an important discussion about this specific shade of red lipstick.