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24 Times David Brent Was The Man We All Aspire To Be

"How can I hate women? My mum's one."

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1. When he took it too far. Every single time.

2. When he was the king of the dad joke and he wasn't even a dad.


3. When he was aware of his own authority...

4. ...but wasn't afraid to have fun.

5. When he told it like it is.

6. When he was his own special version of "politically correct".

7. Because he truly believed all people were equal.

8. And tried his very hardest never to offend.

9. When you couldn't argue with his logic.

10. His logic was always utterly watertight.

11. When he judged the tone right every time.

12. When he was a true artist and a maverick.

13. When he was a poet and he knew it.

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14. When he knew how to play it cool.


15. Real cool.


16. When he was a true professional.


17. The very model of professionalism at all times.

18. When he was down to earth about his gifts and abilities.

19. When he treated his comedy with deadly seriousness.

20. When he tried to put a positive spin on every situation.

21. When he finally saw sense.

22. When he let it all out.


23. When he was a broken man.

24. And when he danced like no one was watching, even though everyone was watching.


Danced like he would never stop.