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    42 Cornish Sentences That Will Confuse The Fuck Out Of Everyone Else

    "Wasson me cock?!"

    1. "Dreckly" – I'll get on with this important task at some point but it might not be the best idea to hold your breath until then.

    2. "Aright, my 'ansum?" – Hello, person-I-could-be-close-to-but-equally-may-never-have-met-before, how are you?

    3. "Wasson me cock?" – Alright, pal, what's going on?

    4. "Come on, y'buggers" – Come on, guys.

    5. "Giss on!" – Stop talking bollocks.

    6. "Wozelike?!" – Oh! Honestly! He's always fannying about!

    7. "Dearovim!" – Oh, bless him, how awful that his pasty got stolen by a seagull.

    8. "Thasit me lover, geddon me cock!" – That's it, my dear, great work!

    9. "Wasson shag?" – Hello, how are you?

    10. "Ibeleebn" – Well, I suppose I'd better be heading off now, three pints of Tribute is probably enough.

    11. "I'm rufazrats" – I didn't leave the pub in the end, and instead drank several more pints of Tribute, plus a couple of Rattlers, and this morning I feel absolutely dreadful.

    12. "'E's teasy as'n'adder" – He got wasted on cider last night and he's in a right mood, so don't ask him for a favour.

    13. "Backofforillsmackee" – If you continue to provoke me like this my fist is going to make contact with your jaw.

    14. "Wats splann?" – What are you guys up to and can I come too?

    15. "Piddledowndidda?" – I'm 99% certain that wherever you went it rained, but humour me: Did it rain?

    16. "Pizendawn" – Another delightful day of torrential Cornish rain.

    17. "Bleddy 'ansum that is" – The view is absolutely splendid, despite the driving rain.

    18. "Pastydiddy?" – Did he drive past you?

    19. "Bettergorgitten" – I suppose I'd better go and get it then.

    20. "Costymuchdida?" – Ooh, that looks expensive, you've probably been ripped off. Should've gone to Trago.

    21. "Diddyabm?" – Did he have it?

    22. "Proper job!" – It's absolutely great.

    23. "Ya gate bleddy tuss!" – Don't jump into the boat, you complete and utter penis.

    24. "Likun diddy?" – Did you like it?

    25. "Fariza?" – Are you going on an epic journey, i.e. further away than the next village?

    26. "'E's gone up north" – He's gone to London.

    27. "Leave it abroad" – Don't shut the door.

    28. "Killundiddy?" – Did you kill the person who borrowed your boat without asking?

    29. "That was a fair old stank" – Golly, that was a long walk.

    30. "Zackly" – I completely agree.

    31. "I kent membr" – I'm afraid I can't seem to remember that.

    32. "Gotunavee?" – Have you got one of those things that I want, and will you lend it to me?

    33. "I'llItellywot" – I've got some important information for you, so listen up.

    34. "Diddynawn?" – Do you know that bloke who ran off with someone's wife in the next village, and can you impart any more juicy stories about him?

    35. "Pally widden, wazza?" – You were friends with him, were you? Well, tell us what you know.

    36. "Owaree pard?" – You alright, mate?

    37. "Fercrisaeik, ellydoinov?" – For Christ's sake, summer visitor from London, what are you doing trying to drive your BMW down this narrow lane?

    38. "Mygar, tizzardlee on!" – My god, the tourists can't park their cars there.

    39. "Ullon yaw!" – Hold on!

    40. "Cain telly" – I'm terribly sorry but I won't be able to tell you that.

    41. "Awright'n aree?" – You alright then?

    42. "Wossmarrwiddee?" – Oh dear, you seem to be terribly upset – did a seagull steal your pasty?