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    This Is What Christmas Is Like In America Vs In Britain

    Two very different concepts.

    1. Christmas trees in America:

    Christmas trees in Britain:

    Twitter: @emubutt5

    The fallen santa and the random carrier bag are a lovely touch.

    2. The big man himself in America:

    Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

    Massive festive cheer!

    The big man himself in Britain:

    Massive bantersaurus.

    3. Reindeer in America:

    Calash Corporation / Via

    Noble beasts in pursuit of a great cause.

    Reindeer in Britain:

    Having absolutely none of this Christmas crap.

    4. White Christmas in America:

    White Christmas in Britain:

    Twitter: @chrisisfake

    "I think it's settling!!!!!!!"

    5. Santa's grotto in America:

    Santa's grotto in Britain:

    Woof woof woof?

    6. Christmas lights in America:

    Angela Weiss / Getty Images

    Trees dripping in twinkly splendour.

    Christmas lights in Britain:

    Twitter: @JackJeffFanpage

    It probably looks more atmospheric at night.

    7. Festive food in America:

    Twitter: @marknaito

    Mmm, me hungry.

    Festive food in Britain:

    Twitter: @graemedemianyk

    Please someone take away the hearty cheer.

    8. Sledge rides in America:

    Sledge rides in Britain:

    Twitter: @surfsnowskate

    You can't deny his optimism.

    9. A snowman in America:

    A snowman in Britain:

    Twitter: @ryanmcl20

    The grubby child's glove doubling up as a hat is... simply breathtaking.

    10. Winter wonderland in America:

    Twitter: @EdavilleMA / Via

    A magical place full of seasonal joy!

    Winter wonderland in Britain:

    "Likened to the Battle of the Somme".

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