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    27 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Greggs Worker

    Gingerbread men have been used as weapons.

    1. We have to get up insanely early – Greggs opens at 6am – and lots of us have to work Saturdays too.

    2. We get a sweet 50% discount in store.


    3. And we get free coffee, too.

    4. But tbh, we have to be careful how much we eat as there's so much to tempt us.

    5. Our lunches aren't exactly healthy.

    6. Sometimes we'll steal a few cakes from the bins at the end of the day – hopefully we won't get caught.

    Some Greggs branches have taken to locking their bins up to stop thefts.

    7. We're on our feet for seven hours a day, and it's back-breaking work.

    8. We have targets for sandwich making – we're meant to make 50 an hour, which is intense.

    Twitter: @BroodyDesigns

    Sometimes we'll compete to see who can make sandwiches the fastest.

    9. We scoop mayo out of industrial-size tubs.

    10. Thieves can be a problem. Usually it's just the odd sausage roll, but we've had cash stolen and some stores have to hire security staff.

    11. We have no idea how our customers will react to the possibility of Greggs selling sushi.

    We're a bit of a guilty pleasure destination, but the store is trying to be healthier.

    12. Summer is a punishing time to work in a bakery.

    It's almost 30degrees and I'm surrounded by ovens, help me πŸ˜–πŸ˜– #greggslife

    Anyone who forgets to wear their heatproof sleeves while using the ovens has the burns to show for it.

    13. But winter can be gruelling too as it's still dark when we open.

    14. We know the people (and dogs) of Britain are really, really passionate about our sausage rolls – we sell around 2.5million of them a week.

    15. Our sausage rolls are more expensive in some places than others – you'll pay 10p more in Islington than in Gosforth.

    16. The pastry gets everywhere – on our clothes, in our hair – and we stink of pastry grease.

    17. Sometimes we even dream about baked goods.

    I wake up most nights in a cold sweat thinking about pasties and that's pretty fucked up. #GreggsLife

    18. Our gingerbread men look innocent and cute...

    19. ...but in the wrong hands, they can be dangerous weapons.

    Just had a child tell me I'm stupid and throw a gingerbread man at my head while there parents just watched #greggslife

    20. We use metal detectors to check there's nothing sinister in our food.

    We have to compile metal detector records to use as evidence if someone says they've found something.

    21. We get our fair share of quality celebs in store.

    what are the chances that the colours in Cheryl's outfit exactly match the greggs uniform πŸ˜‚πŸ«

    Also Jake Gyllenhaal is a fan.

    22. If you work in the Greggs factory, you might have to fill 2,500 doughnuts an hour.

    23. We sell regional food – you could only get our macaroni pie in Scotland.

    Macaroni cheese in a pie - only in #Scotland. #greggs #scottishcuisine

    When they discontinued it, there was such a huge outcry Scottish politicans got involved.

    24. It's not fun having to explain to customers why our food isn't always hot (it's the pasty tax, guys).

    25. Hairnets aren’t the most glamorous accessories, but we do our best with them.

    26. Seasonal food never gets boring – bat biscuits are a particular favourite.

    27. All in all, working with pastries all day is a pretty sweet job.

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