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    Posted on Apr 4, 2016

    32 Times Britain Proved It's The Most Exciting Country On Earth

    Britannia rules OK. H/T

    1. This greeting card madness:

    Hold all the front pages.

    2. This storm chaos:

    3. This wonky bollard mystery: / Via

    With a gallery of pictures!

    4. This Shakespearean family feud:

    5. This calamity: / Via

    Don't worry, THEY ALL ESCAPED.

    6. This riveting gallery: / Via

    There are 23 pictures in the gallery. Twenty-three.

    7. This devastating hole:

    8. This wake-up call:

    9. This lamp post mishap: / Via

    How exactly does one get one's legs stuck on a lamp post?

    10. This lamp post controversy:

    11. This discovery of the century:

    12. This extraordinary moment:

    13. This breaking news:

    14. This thrilling competition, which could potentially replace The X Factor if it catches on like it should:

    15. This scandal: / Via

    More like "can't see view".

    16. This great leap for mankind:

    17. This potato:

    18. This other potato:

    19. This potato invasion:

    20. This skullduggery:

    21. This star-studded barn:

    22. This raging inferno:

    23. This devastation:

    24. This visitation:

    25. This second coming: / Via

    Hallelujah, for he has returned!

    26. This calamity:

    27. This tragedy:

    28. This incident coming to all the front pages near you:

    29. This traumatic event:

    30. This high drama:

    31. This savagery:

    32. And finally, this puzzle that would test the powers of Mulder and Scully: / Via

    Keep being boring, Britain – that's just how we like you.

    Thanks to the blog Dull News in Local Newspapers for providing the links to these stories.

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