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    19 Pictures That'll Change Your Mind About Frizzy Hair

    Big hair, don't care.

    1. Why do straighteners even exist?

    3. Let's get down to frizzness.

    4. The bigger the better.

    5. People would pay to get waves like this.

    7. Perfect wild hair.

    8. Screw your keratin treatment.

    9. This looks amazing.

    10. OK, you're rethinking the straightening routine now, right?

    11. Because this hair looks undeniably cool.

    12. And now you have hair envy.

    13. Insane levels of big hair envy.

    14. Because frizzy hair is actually the best hair.

    15. It's ridiculously beautiful.

    16. It's the one.

    17. Bring on the humidity.

    18. Rain, do your worst.

    19. Big hair. Don't fucking care.