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23 Annoying Things That Will Happen For The Rest Of Your Life

Hard butter + soft bread.

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2. There will be no milk.

Biggest disappointment is serving yourself cereal and then realizing there's no milk 😔

3. Your Nutella jar will look like this on a day when you really, really need Nutella.

Someone in my family has committed the ultimate crime leaving an empty jar of Nutella on #WorldNutellaDay 😭


7. You will get the hot:cold water ratio wrong while making a bath, but only realise the water is tepid once the bath is full, then have to empty half of it out.


13. You will not be able to open these:

How do get into this packaging...??? #scissors #idiot #ifonlyihadapairofscissors

14. There will be no ink.

when you have a paper due and you wait until the morning to print it and your printer is out of ink .......


19. Autocorrect will never speak your private language.

There's nothing wrong with this word!!! Why are you trying to autocorrect it?!?! #MildlyInfuriating


23. And no matter how careful you are, this will always, always happen:

Only 5 minutes in my pocket. Wtf... #mildlyinfuriating