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    Why I Can't Stop Collecting Beyond Yoga's Spacedye Leggings, Bike Shorts, And Tops

    “The only thing I have to hike up is this mountain — not these leggings.”

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    Anyone who knows me — like, really knows me, not just the dolled-up version of myself I post on Instagram — knows that I live in leggings (and bike shorts when the weather warrants it). While I have (and enjoy) more leggings than any one soul really needs — solid black, patterns, matte nylon, high-shine lycra, faux-leather, you name it — from everywhere from Aerie and Lululemon to Skatie, Terez, and Wolven, nothing compares to my must-have Spacedye Leggings, Bike Shorts, and matching tops from Beyond Yoga.

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye Fuchsia Leggings
    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    Psst: I have seven sets of leggings, a few pairs of biker shorts, and a couple of bras, and am 100% obsessed. While I like to have core colors (you can never have too many black leggings), my favorites are my Wayfinder Blue-Wave set, as well as a gorgeous fuchsia-y purple set (pictured above) and spicy coral-red set, both of which are fully sold out (but new seasonal colors are always on the horizon!).

    Now, when you first catch a glimpse of these heathered leggings and cropped tanks, you may think they look familiar. After all, given Beyond Yoga's cult-favorite, celebrity-approved status, places like Aerie and Old Navy have done their very best to replicate the buttery, monochrome ‘fits at a fraction of the price. (Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?)

    Beyond Yoga

    The heathered leggings are available from Beyond Yoga in sizes XXS–XXL in 15 colors, and sizes 1X–3X in seven colors. Beyond Yoga also has landing pages on Amazon, REI, and Nordstrom.

    Alas, nothing compares to the real deal. From the unbeatably soft, moisture-wicking fabric (which stays cool even if it does show moisture at times) to the wide color array and inclusive size range (the Spacedye collection is sold in core and seasonal colors and is available in sizes XS–3X and 4X in some styles), there’s truly no competition. To fully explain why, allow me to take you on a little storytime adventure.

    Beyond Yoga Leggings and Cropped Tank in Wayfinder Blue
    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    Just the other weekend, one of my best friends (who is an avid hiker) asked me to join him on a 13.6-mile hike. Now, I am no hiker, however, since moving to Virginia, it’s been one of my goals to explore the readily accessible great outdoors more, so I agreed.

    As a nonhiker, I wasn’t sure what to wear other than hiking boots and long pants to prevent the possibility of grazing against any poison ivy. While I imagined my friend might wear some sort of long, breathable cargo pants, I knew I’d be most comfortable in leggings (after all, I always am). What I didn’t know, however, was whether or I had any that would actually stay up well enough to weather such a long hike. But I figured if any had a chance, it’d be my Beyond Yoga beauties, so I threw on my newest set—the Spacedye Caught in the Midi High Waisted Legging in Wayfinder Blue-Wave and the matching Spacedye Slim Racerback Cropped Tank (available in sizes XS–XL and 1X–4X).

    Three-quarters of the way through the hike, my mind was no longer solely focused on the scenery and the growing tingling sensations in my feet (the blisters are real, y’all). Instead, it was mulling over all the witty things I was going to write about my now even-more-beloved Beyond Yoga set. At which point I thought, “The only thing I have to hike up is this mountain — not these leggings.” Hilarious, I know.

    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    But truly, I was so amazed that, even after walking and climbing up (and down) miles and miles and miles of mountain, my leggings didn’t budge at all. At no point did I feel like my crotch was sagging down or like my hips were hanging out— an all-too-common reality of so many other leggings put through daily errands let alone rigorous activity — either of which would have required me to re-situate them so that I could remain comfortable. Instead, in my Spacedye set, I stayed comfortable and cool all day long.

    Of course, I don’t only wear my Spacedye sets on ultra-long hikes. I wear them all the time. They’re my go-to for everyday lounging and living.

    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    I wear them when I walk my puppy, Cash (and when I take him to PuppyK), when I run errands, and when I lounge around my apartment; when I’m craving extra comfort after a long week or as I embark on a weekend getaway (especially if a long car ride or flight is part of the agenda). I wore them for some semblance of comfort during the hardest weekend of my life when I lost my childhood dog, Jeter; I wore them when I left New York in March 2020 thinking I’d be gone for two weeks to quarantine, then again when I came back five months later to officially move away. I wore them when I bought my realistic dream car and when I moved into my first solo apartment. At this point, they’re such a major part of my wardrobe that they’re almost a part of me. They’re so incredibly comfortable — I truly can’t say it enough.

    What I can say, however, is that while I absolutely, wholeheartedly adore my Spacedye leggings, bike shorts, and racerback cropped tanks, they’re not without flaw.

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye Collection on different body sizes and shapes.
    Beyond Yoga / Via

    For starters, as heavenly-soft as the fabric is, unless you’re wearing a black set, there’s a very good chance that sweat will show through. Such is the reality of non-shiny athleticwear. For that reason — as much as I look forward to wearing my sets — I don’t wear them to my Orangetheory workouts. If, however, you aren’t fazed by showing off sweat under your boobs (which I 100% developed on my hike), on your butt, or in your groin, then, by all means, be my guest and give it a whirl — it’s just not my jam.

    Speaking of groins, the only other quarrel I have with my salaciously-good Beyond Yoga leggings and bike shorts is the fact that they have a dreaded front seam. If you’re reading this and have no idea why that would matter, friend, I envy you.

    Beyond Yoga Leggings and Racerback Cropped Tank
    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    No matter which size I wear — I’m a size large in the leggings and bike shorts but even tried to size up to an XL in an attempt to see if it’d change the outcome, all to no avail. I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll have a camel toe at some point or another while wearing them. Not the cutest, I know, but honesty is important.

    Sure, I can not pull them up as high, but I HATE the feeling of sagging leggings, so I’ve come to just take this not-so-great little side effect at face value. It is what it is and it’s not enough to deter my attention.

    Now, I know plenty of people who would write off these bottoms right then and there. I, however, prefer to take a savvier approach because, again, they’re just so soft and cozy and perfect in every other way that I’ll do anything to make them work.

    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    My secret? Long tops. I adore Aerie’s array of oversized tops (like the Destroyed Boyfriend Tee) and Free People’s many tunics (like the We The Free Summer Daydream Buttondown) and well-placed, waist-tied sweatshirts when I skip the long tops (the dangling arms really do the trick). Maybe that sounds silly — to specifically shop for a specific length of top or to tie something around your waist to make a bottom work — but, I assure you, as soon as you try on a pair of Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye bottoms, you’ll understand.

    No, really, I’m not the only one who is obsessed with the fabric. Hundreds of Beyond Yoga shoppers have given the Caught in the Midi Leggings, Bike Shorts, and Racerback Cropped Tank their seal of approval.

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye Collection in Wayfinder Blue
    Beyond Yoga / Via

    Regarding the Midi Leggings: “How have I gone so many years of my life without these leggings?!?! The moment, no joke, the very moment I put these on I knew they were going to be my favorite workout leggings of all time. These are the softest and most comfortable leggings I’ve ever put on my body aaaaand the very BEST part is that they feel like true quality, sweat-wicking, and reliable pants. I’m in love. They arrived today and I wore them once, but I’ve already purchased more. Let’s hope they hold up. I’ve never felt this way towards leggings hahaha but I’m in love!!!!” —Mandi

    “I have leggings from many different brands and I practice yoga at least five days a week. I have found leggings that are great for yoga but too tight for lounging in. Also have it vise-versa where they are comfortable for lounging yet fall down for yoga. These are the best of both worlds. They stay put for yoga and then I can continue to wear all day and forget I’m wearing pants! The best I have tried and I now basically only wear these to practice. I have ordered many other pairs since the first one I got! If you are on the fence with all the leggings on the market, stop your search here and you’ll never wonder again if there is a better pair out there.” —Emily N.

    Regarding the Bike Shorts: “So happy I bought two pairs of these in different colors. BEYOND comfy!! Very happy with this product. Thank you!!” —Diana H.

    “I LOVE Spacedye leggings, but they do feel a little too warm in the late spring and summer months. These are all of the comfy of those leggings, but in the length of a comfortable pair of shorts that still prevents that thigh rub. I LOVE these and will definitely be buying more.” —Brittani H.

    Regarding the Cropped Tank: “ boobs look awesome. I love how the fabric feels. It’s super comfy... lounge in it, clean the house, put a flannel over it if you wanna... do some friggin yogaaaa..... it’s super cute for a lazy/casual movie date with bae, too. LOVE IT.” —Sherry K.

    “So soft and comfortable with just the right amount of compression to keep you comfortable. I immediately bought a second. This will for sure become a wardrobe staple for me.” —Robyn W.

    Which is ultimately to say, if you’ve been in the market for new leggings, love a matching set, or have been wondering whether or not the celebrity-approved athleisure line is really worth the hype (and the price tag), you truly can’t go wrong with Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Leggings, Bike Shorts, Cropped Tanks, or really any of the items within the Spacedye Soft Shop. So, what’re you waiting for? Stock your closet with items from Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Soft Shop starting at $66.

    Beyond Yoga Cayenne Spacedye Set
    Beyond Yoga / Via

    One thing to note, FYI, is that straight and plus sizes, for whatever reason, are listed differently. With that in mind, find the links for my three favorite items in straight and plus sizes, below. (And, while we're on the subject, I'd be remiss not to mention that the brand could *absolutely* improve on offering more colors in their plus sizes. Here's hoping that's a priority for their upcoming launches.)

    Get the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught in the Midi Legging for $97 (available in sizes XXS-XXL in 17 colors, and sizes 1X–3X in seven colors).

    Get the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Biker Shorts for $68 (available in sizes XXS-XXL in 12 colors, and sizes 1X–4X in three colors).

    Get the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Slim Racerback Cropped Tank for $66 (available in sizes XS–XL in 15 colors, and sizes 1X–4X in seven colors).