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    31 Things From Walmart That'll Help You Hide All The Eyesores In Your Home

    If you have spots in your home that you'd rather people not notice, these are the solution.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A four-panel room divider to hide that pile of winter clothes you keep forgetting to put away. A room divider can also conceal large areas in your home for privacy purposes or mask that one place you just haven't had time to organize.

    A plum blossom room divider

    2. A framed fern art piece, because sometimes the walls need a little pop of color. Art is always a good option because it hides imperfections and adds a bit of flair to any room.

    A green fern painting in a home

    3. Vintage-y palm print, peel-and-stick wallpaper to cover countless wall stains. Not only can this be used to hide eyesores, but it can also be used to refurbish a piece of furniture! It promises to leave no damage or sticky residue behind.

    Blue and yellow fern wallpaper in bedroom

    4. A bright yellow pillow that'll hide that one stain on the couch you just can't remove, no matter how hard you try. It'll catch the eye of anyone who enters your home and keep their focus on it.

    A bright yellow pillow that reads "my happy place" on a couch

    5. Or an oversized and textured pillow to hide a multitude of sins that might have been committed on the couch. With its endearing texture, this pillow is certain to have people and pets trying to cuddle with it instead of trying to figure out why it's there.

    A white boho textured pillow on a brown couch

    6. A table runner that'll do a great job of covering any kind of table flaw, heat-stains included. Plus, this table runner will upgrade your table set up, leaving visitors in awe of how to put together your dining area is.

    A tan table runner on a wood table

    7. A 10-piece set of frames, because you deserve to finally have that gallery wall you've been dreaming up. Obviously, the gallery wall will make your home "Pinterest goals," which, coincidentally, will cover any wall defects.

    A gallery wall in a home with photos

    8. A round wall clock that'll keep your guests checking out the time instead of looking at what's wrong with your walls. Due to its unique design, this is sure to look good no matter what your home's decor looks like.

    black and gold swirl design clock

    9. A silver mosaic mirror for brightening up any room and hiding all the flaws. Not only can you hang this mirror horizontally or vertically, but it's also moisture-resistant, making it ideal for a highly-traffic areas of your home.

    A silver mosaic mirror hanging over a magenta couch

    10. A colorful throw blanket to keep your sofa looking pet-stain and wine-stain-free even though it might not be (no judgment here). For only $2.50, this polyester fleece is the easiest way to hide those eyesores.

    A pink and grey patterned blanket on a white couch

    11. Or an oversized neutral throw blanket that'll cover just about any stain. This eco-friendly option is made via a more sustainable process that uses less water.

    Tan/grey blanket on a white couch

    12. A piece of map wall art to have folks dreaming of where to go instead of them asking you, "What happened to that wall?" This reproduction canvas print works as a statement piece or on a gallery wall.

    A map art canvas above a desk

    13. A set of 14 circle mirror wall decals that'll spice up any room. There's nothing like shiny things to distract you from any eyesores. It only takes 30 seconds to stick these up to cover any flaws, sign me up!

    round mirror decals in grey room

    14. A ribbon board to hold all your memories and hide any defects on your walls while allowing all your photos to stand out.

    A black and white ribbon memo board

    15. A simple tablecloth for covering everything you don't want to see or want others to see. Made of machine-washable polyester, this is perfect for bringing out to conquer even the messiest of meals.

    A red tablecloth on a table

    16. A beautiful area rug that'll keep your floor looking flawless. Rugs are probably the easiest way to cover any damage or stain monstrosity your floor might have, and no one is ever gonna try to see under the rug, so it's a win-win.

    A white pattern carpet in a white bedroom

    17. A bookcase, which doubles as a storage unit to keep everyone's eyes focused on what's on the shelf instead of what's behind it. Bonus: The three shelves are adjustable, so you can tweak them to serve your needs.

    Brown bookcase with drawers

    18. Or a five-shelf bookcase that'll be super easy to assemble. Ideal for covering a damaged section of wall, this bookcase will have everyone excited to see what's on your to-read list.

    A white bookcase with decor and books

    19. An abstract metal wall sculpture, because art is the best distraction from eyesores. Not only does this look super chic, but it also can cover up any dents in the wall.

    A silver metal wall hanging

    20. A modern metal wall mirror to make sure you look as good as the room you're in. With its square frame, black metal features, and wood panels, this stand-out piece is perfect for any room.

    modern mirror with wood on a wall

    21. A poster photo frame, because nothing hides large wall flaws better than a giant poster of your favorite whatever. Lightweight and economical, this an easy way to keep your home looking flawless.

    A black poster frame with a photo of the Eiffel Tower in it

    22. An eight-piece wire wall grid with accessories that'll keep your room perfectly organized. Not only will it hide flaws, but it will also help you get your crap together.

    A copper wire organizer with hooks, a basket, and shelf

    23. A striped rug for hiding your floor's various defects. Super resistant to matting, this rug is perfect to hide even the ugliest flaws in your home. Did I mention it's also stain-resistant?!

    A blue, white and grey rug on a wood floor

    24. A textured wall hanging to cover those nail holes left by the previous tenant. There's nothing like a natural-toned ivory accent piece to step up your home decor game.

    Neutral wall hang in a bedroom

    25. A wire grid wall organizer that'll take up an ample amount of space, making it easy to cover anything you don't want visitors to see. It also had hooks for keys, coats, and hats.

    A wood board with wire hanging above a bench

    26. A calendar whiteboard to both hide flaws and keep your life organized — I stan a multi-purpose item. A dry-erase board you can use for years? *Adds to cart*

    Wall whiteboard calendar on a wall

    27. A set of two wine paintings that'll add a hint of elegance to any room. Let's be honest here; there's nothing better than wine to beautify any wall.

    Wine paintings in frame

    28. A five-tier corner shelf to show off your favorite collectibles. Corner shelves to hide any wall flaws? Yes, please.

    A brown corner bookself

    29. A floor cushion that'll cover that wine stain on your rug (don't worry, we've all been there). It also doubles an additional seating option. What's not to love?

    gray, black, and white floor cushions in stripe and check prints on a floor, with brown handles

    30. A set of three metal hanging wall pockets to hide any little blemishes in your home. You can house just about anything in these vintage-y farmhouse pieces, so what's stopping you from picking them up?

    Metal round containers on the wall

    31. A set of floating shelves for both concealing imperfections and showcasing your favorite items. With their wood and metal finish, they'll give any room a relaxed vibe. They also promise to be easy to install.

    A set of two metal and wood shelves with items on it

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