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    31 Inexpensive Home Products From Target That Are Especially Perfect For Apartment Living

    Think ~luxury~ but on a budget.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gold pyramid bookend to provide your home with a glamorous vibe that just screams "luxury." These look way more ~expensive~ than they are, and your bookshelf could probably use some TLC.

    Gold bookend in a home

    2. A set of six Command Hooks because they'll keep your walls undamaged as you hang up all the things. Not to be dramatic but these could totally change your life.

    A command hook in a window holding a snowflake

    3. A pack of 30 velvet suit hangers that'll make it easy to hang pants and a jacket on one hanger. Life hack: When you use the same style of hangers for everything, they will instantly make your closet feel luxe.

    A set of white suit hangers hanging

    4. A drawer organizer to keep your drawers looking as good as the rest of your home. It's hard to keep the little things ~actually~ organized, and this does an amazing job of helping you keep everything looking neat.

    A drawer organizer with colorful clothing inside of it

    5. A container of the Clorox disinfecting wipes that'll keep every surface in your home germ-free. Life-saving, these multisurface items are pretty much a household staple. Bonus: They're bleach-free, so they're safe to use on a bunch of different surfaces.

    A yellow and package of wipes

    6. A Febreze air freshener and odor elimination kit to keep your apartment smelling as clean as it looks. In addition to lasting up to 50 days, this item also has a low-level indicator light to tell you when to swap in your refill. If this scent isn't your vibe, there are hundreds of others to choose from!

    A model installing a febreze kit

    7. A set of compression bags that'll make storing your out-of-season items way easier. If you're looking for a little more space in your home, these water-resistant and airtight containers will fit the bill.

    A yellow home that is using bags

    8. A hanging closet organizer with a detachable hamper that'll keep everything easily accessible. This easy-to-hang organizer features three shelves to store whatever you need! Bonus: The hamper will make doing your laundry 100 times easier.

    A tan 3-shelf closet organizer with a hamper

    9. Or a three-shelf hanging closet organizer without a hamper if you already have one you're in love with. We promise having your closet organized with this will be a big plus in the long run.

    A neutral three-shelf unit in a closet

    10. An eight-bottle steel wine rack because you deserve it. This simple design can work with any style of decor, and it's stackable, so you can pile them high as you'd like (we don't judge).

    A silver wine rack

    11. A room refresher spray to bring you somewhere else that you've been dreaming of, even when you're stuck at home. This crisp scent helps give any room a ~calming ambiance~ that'll brighten anyone's mood.

    A salt spray in a bathroom

    12. A stackable shelf because once you get one of these, you're sure to pick up *at least* two more. These super-sleek shelves are perfect for storing shoes, books, and more. Plus they're sooooo affordable! BRB buying a million of these!

    A stacking shelf in a home

    13. A clear shower liner that's probably something you should invest in although buying ~household essentials~ isn't super exciting part of adulthood. The bright side is that this shower liner can help keep water off the floors, so you don't slip and it matches any style decor.

    Bathroom with clear shower liner

    14. A three-two-one organizing shelf for all your storage needs. It's stylish yet functional, making it a dream come true for you or any budget-loving aspiring interior designer out there. Life hack: You can also purchase storage cubes below to keep everything looking flawless.

    A cube bookshelf in a home

    15. A fabric storage bin to keep your home looking super organized for under five bucks. What else can we say, other than we're obsessed with these and you will be too.

    Storage cubes in various colors in a room

    16. A light-filtering curtain that'll allow light to gently enter your room. The stitched edges on these curtains give them a simple yet stylish look that can drastically improve your home's look.

    A white curtain in a home

    17. A Swiffer dry and wet multisurface kit to make cleaning your home so much easier. This affordable and well-loved kit comes with 11 pieces and works both dry and wet, making it perfect for all floor types in your apartment.

    A dirty swiffer pad in a home

    18. A fabric storage bin that'll hide what you need it to (yes, everything). It'll do a great job of helping you utilize all the storage space in your home, and it actually helps everything stay in place. Plus, it comes with fabric handles!

    A pretty grey box in a closet with all neutral shades

    19. A set of bath towels that come in 28 different colors — the question isn't whether or not you should buy one, it's how can you possibly choose *JUST* one? *adds to cart*

    A set of grey bath towels in a home

    20. A peaceful and chic white oil diffuser to give any room a ~vibe.~ Try a few drops of lavender oil after a long day for the ultimate luxury experience.

    A white oil diffuser

    21. A cotton floral shower curtain that'll get you millions of compliments. A colorful shower curtain will make your tiny bathroom seem large.

    A multi-colored flower shower curtain in a home

    22. A lazy Susan to put on your kitchen or dining room table because it'll make every meal run way more smoothly. Made with wood and metal, this piece promises to be long-lasting and extremely helpful.

    23. A four-tier shoe rack with a more ~rustic~ finish to store all of your shoes and more. On top of the rack, there is a storage shelf you can use to show off your favorite things.

    A shoe rack in a home

    24. A matte-black photo frame for a clean, yet modern way to display art without necessarily having to have an eye for it. Besides giving you the gallery walls of your dreams, it'll also give your apartment a ~homey~ vibe.

    A home with a gallery wall

    25. A contemporary 12-piece set of melamine dishes for impressing your guests at your next gathering. Not only are these dishwasher safe, but they also look so chic, and you're going to have everyone asking where you got them.

    A grey set of dishes on a table with gold silverware

    26. A floating wooden shelf that'll create a nice illusion in the room. These pinewood shelves are super durable and look ~magical~ on any wall. Functional and cute? We stan!

    A floating shelf in a home

    27. A set of four natural woven coasters to brighten up your apartment. Made with water hyacinths, maybe these stunning coasters will be the thing that actually gets your guest to ~use~ the coasters.

    28. A set of three hanging rope baskets, because hanging your plants (instead of just scattering them on a windowsill) can give your home a stylish vibe. Each set comes with a white, brown, and black basket, so you can have one in basically every room, no matter the decor theme in there.

    A white, tan/white and black hanging basket for your plants

    29. A decorative storage basket so you can keep your home organized, without sacrificing style for function. This basket manages to give your home a lived-in vibe.

    A woven basket with blankets in it.

    30. A walnut finish brass clock for a strong and bold look. This clock gives a modern and minimal look to any room but still stands out and has a comforting warmth to it giving any room its in.

    A wooden clock on a wall

    31. A 20-piece set of stainless steel silverware so all your utensils will match again. Dishwasher safe and with a simple and sleek design, these utensils will be the perfect way to step up your apartment game.

    Silver silverware with cool lines

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