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    If Your Home Needed An Upgrade *Yesterday*, These 30 Walmart Products Will Help You Out Affordably

    With spring having sprung, it's about time to declutter and upgrade your home.

    1. A bamboo bath caddy because you're desperately dreaming of a spa day, and it will upgrade your bath time (definitely way nicer than leaving your drink teetering on the edge of the tub). Complete with a drink holder and space for a book or phone, this is what luxury-in-action looks like.

    Model sitting in tub with wine and book on a wood bath tray

    2. A simple textured ceramic table lamp with a modern edge, to help make your workspace (or living room or bedroom) a bit more au courant. Although they don't cost a lot (even though they look like they do), these lamps are super sleek, and will brighten up your room.

    A white lamp on a table

    3. A glam wall mirror no one will believe costs under $200. Who doesn't want to look at themselves in this stunning and timeless mirror? You're going to get all the compliments.

    brown and silver mirror on top of brown dresser with a plant

    4. A slim, sleek computer desk reviewers love, especially for ~small spaces~. It might just inspire you to actually turn on your camera during your next Zoom meeting and show guests your workspace. Not only does it take up minimal room, but it also has built-in shelving, so you can have plenty of room to display or store your desk goodies.

    the desk with a laptop and mouse on top, books on the lower shelf to the right of the desk and a ball decoration on the top shelf to the right of the desk

    5. An adjustable three-level bookshelf, so you can fill it with everything on your TBR list and show off how great your taste is (thank you BookTok besties). Not only does this piece look like you got it from a trendy home design store (and paid way more than $30 for it), it just gives you a "that girl" vibe.

    A light brown shelf covered with knick knacks in home

    6. A pair of half-moon tables because they can be used together or separately, doubling your options. Not only does this look straight out of an interior design magazine, but each table is super lightweight, so it's easy to move around your home; just picture how lovely a cup of coffee or a charcuterie board would look on this baby!

    A brown table with black legs

    7. A colorful bed-in-a-bag set with an abstract design to give any bedroom a modern update. By buying this, you're giving your room an entirely fresh vibe without having to buy a ton of new items — what could be better?

    A teal, grey and pink bedroom set

    8. Or a sleek basketweave quilt set to make your bedroom look like a luxe hotel room. Made of comfy microfiber fabric, this is sure to impress anyone who is lucky enough to get a glimpse of your bedroom. ;)

    A bed with all white blanket and pillows

    9. A charcuterie board that has one sturdy side for chopping cheese and veggies, and one side for presenting your beautiful charcuterie spreads. You can also use this to show off desserts or really just about anything you make!

    the circular wooden cheeseboard

    10. A reed diffuser because they smell good, look good, and make any space instantly feel 50% fancier. Who needs expensive scented candles when you have this sophisticated upgrade in your home? Although it might be a small item, it can have a big impact on any room.

    A reed diffuser with peach labels in a beige room

    11. An etagere shelf floor lamp so you can improve the lighting in that one uber-dark room in your place that gets zero natural light. Industrial yet simple, this is sure to work in any home, and its shelves give you extra storage space to show off books or knickknacks.

    A simple black lamp in a home next to a yellow chair

    12. A fleece blanket to keep you warm no matter how cold your heart is. 😈 Lightweight and super-duper soft, everyone is going to want to snuggle with it, especially your fur babies.

    the blanket in leopard print

    13. A shower curtain because it's time to invest in a new one... seriously. With its unique texture, this will 100% turn your bathroom into the spa oasis of your dreams. As you give everyone the full tour of your home, this will keep you from feeling embarrassed about your not-so-spa-like shower.

    A blue shower curtain

    14. An open shelf nightstand so you can stop leaving stuff on the floor next to your bed/using a pile of books as a nightstand. It has a deep lower shelf and an open top shelf, making it a super aesthetic and very practical piece with a ton of storage space to boot.

    A black shelf nightstand with white books

    15. A set of oversized rattan baskets to keep your home looking as organized as the bullet journal you spent months on. We love a functional and pretty piece to show off and house your extra linens and pillows.

    three brown container in a home

    16. A gorgeous white porcelain serving platter that'll make any meal look super bougie and give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves. This piece is actually really hard-working — it's dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and oven-safe up to 450 degrees! It costs under $10, but the look on your family members' faces as you present dinner on it is gonna be priceless; we can't think of anything better for showing off your favorite dish.

    A white platter with green vegetables on it

    17. A touch-screen toaster so you can make the perfect piece of toast with the touch of a button, and that's something worth showing off. Useful and so freaking aesthetic, this baby costs under $50, but it looks like it costs so much more! No knobs or anything — just the touch of your fingers is enough to make the seven settings work their magic.

    the blue toaster

    18. A wheeled trunk to store anything and everything in your home and look super cool doing it. It's easy to roll away under your bed or into your closet, but it looks so sharp you can also leave it out — or even use it as a coffee table.

    19. A mid-century metal and glass bar cart because your favorite adult beverages deserve an upgrade (it's time you use your counter as a counter, not as bevy storage). This will be the talk of the party, even if you just use it for a hot chocolate bar!

    A gold bar cart with wine glasses on it anda bottle of wine and plate of cheese and grapes

    20. A desk organizer to keep everything in its place. Not only does this help you to not lose important items — it will actually keep your desk cleaner and make those important items easier to find.

    A copper desk organized on a desk full of office supplies and a notebook with pen and plants

    21. A Nespresso Vertuo because as soon as someone sees this on the counter, they'll know you mean business. Not only is it pretty, but it's also giving major "I have my life together" vibes, and you def want to show that off. Just make sure you keep your pods organized, and you'll leave everyone, including yourself, impressed.

    A black coffee maker with a clear water canister, green pod and two mugs of coffee

    22. An industrial-inspired accent table with hairpin legs that will give your home that certain "je ne sais quoi" you've been searching for.

    A wooden accent table with black legs by a grey couch

    23. An ombré-colored alarm clock because sometimes your phone alarm just can't wake you from your slumber. With this tool, you can always know what time it is... without pulling out your phone and accidentally getting sucked into TikTok for several hours. 😵‍💫

    An alarm clock on a desk with an ombre background that goes from pink to yellow

    24. A 3-in-1 vacuum that doesn't take up a lot of space but certainly gets the job done. Small yet mighty, this vacuum can be used regularly but if you remove both the handle and the foot, you have a hand vac as well! Additionally, it has a handle that can be removed while keeping the foot attached for stair cleaning. So you can seriously clean your entire home to prepare for your next update.

    25. An indoor security camera so you can see what happens when you're not around. Did your pet sleep where they're not supposed to? Was your roomie stealing your snacks when you were gone? This'll 100% expose them and it costs under $20, so no need to get a fancy security camera when you can just get this bb.

    A white camera on a grey desk

    26. A set of eight matching storage units — we love an organized desk when everything else in our lives is falling apart at the seams (just me?)!! Bonus as useful as these are, they are equally aesthetic.

    All eight bins full of rainbow colored art supplies and toys

    27. A heart-shaped Dutch oven because it's super cute and will look precious left out on your counter. Picking colorful kitchen gear is a great way to show off and add style to your home. This looks super $$$ but actually costs quite little compared to it's counterparts. BTW, this baby is ovenproof, too!

    A pink heart-shaped pot with brownies in it and kitchen utensils around it

    28. A three-piece stackable storage cube unit you can curate to your liking. You can use these vertically, horizontally, or stacked, and there are no tools required to put the structure together. Use this to store and show off just about anything you own.

    A white stackable cube unit full of grey blankets, a grey container with bags and room decor

    29. A set of marble orb bookends for your desk to make your room look super luxurious while keeping your piles of library books and textbooks from being a total mess. Since these are so minimalistic, they'll match any room's decor.

    A set of black orbs holding up a white books

    30. A set of six stemless wine glasses with a textured, vintage-inspired design that you'll use every excuse to show off. Regular wine glasses are soooo boring anyways. These dishwasher-safe bbs are made of shatterproof material; so you don't have to worry about dropping them. We'll take at least two packs!

    red glass with texture

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