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Which "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Characters Belong In Which Hogwarts House?

Ever wonder what would happen if two of your favorite fandoms collided? This is an extremely not-definitive sorting of the primary BtVS characters, as inspired by a discussion between @whedonesque and their loyal followers.

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Buffy Summers - Gryffindor

This one seems pretty obvious. Buffy is brave, passionate about the cause, and a strong leader. While she falters occasionally, she is a true heroine by all accounts. She is also sassy to a fault, but that's neither here nor there.

Alexander "Xander" Harris - Gryffindor

Okay, now it gets tough. Many Twitter users responded Hufflepuff, which was probably my first thought as well. Xander values teamwork, although the same could be said of most of the Scooby Gang. Then again, he becomes more and more of a leader as the show progresses, and has proven brave when it truly counts. What decided it for me was a comment comparing Xander to Neville Longbottom. He's the one who supports those with seemingly more power than him, but always rises to the occasion when it counts.

Willow Rosenberg - Ravenclaw

The discussion on Willow gave reasons for her to fall into every house. Some said Slytherin, but generally specified Dark Willow and her selfish tendencies during that time. But Willow started off as a very sweet character who shied away from danger, much like a Hufflepuff. She's also very intelligent and loves to learn, qualities that are associated with those in Ravenclaw. And when it comes down to it, Willow IS brave, and does value her friendships, like Gryffindors do. Ultimately, I made my decision based on my gut - Willow has always felt like a Ravenclaw to me.

Rupert Giles - Ravenclaw

I was torn between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw for Giles. I know Hufflepuff doesn't seem like the most obvious choice, but hear me out: Giles is very practical, and a lot of what he says is based on tradition and history (though this changes throughout the series). But ultimately, he's belongs in Ravenclaw, due to his love of the pursuit of knowledge and introverted nature.

Angel, FKA as Angelus, FKA Liam - Gryffindor

Confession: I almost forgot Angel, because I pretty much just associate him with his own show. And besides, he's another difficult one, because whether or not someone has a soul definitely changes a lot about them. I chose to evaluate mainly on cursed Angel, because while the case could be made that Liam and soulless Angel (or Angelus as you may call him) are kind of similarly cruel, I believe that Angel is truly good.* This lead me to the conclusion that Angel is a Gryffindor. He's a hero, he fights for the good of mankind, etc. I think a (fairly good) case could be made for him as a Slytherin, though.

*Or maybe I'm just an optimist. Or because it just made things a bit easier.

Cordelia Chase - Slytherin

It bothered me at first when I saw that many immediately put Cordy in Slytherin, but after reading up on the subject more, I get it. (The negative stigma attached to the house is frustrating, but tough to get rid of.) She cares a lot about how she's seen by others, and about the pedigree of a person. And while she's not a "bad guy" per say, she is very self-oriented, which sometimes leads to hurting those around her. I think it's important to note that I was primarily thinking of Cordelia during her time on Buffy, because she goes through some major changes on Angel.

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne - Hufflepuff

This was another easy one for me. Oz is a Hufflepuff because avoids conflict as much as he can, but steps up when the ones he loves are on the line. He's humble (this gif is clearly a joking moment) and practical. A characteristic I didn't know about Hufflepuffs is that they love anything having to do with wild creatures and well, Oz almost IS one. Not really, but you see where I'm going with that. The only thing this doesn't account for is his wit, but I think that's really more a subtle part of his nature.

Spike, FKA William the Bloody - Slytherin

I honestly didn't even want to sort Spike, because I had no idea where to start. He's a bit cunning, and pretty self-absorbed, it's true. But Slytherin seemed like too obvious a choice. He's brave without a doubt, and he's been a part of at least two groups (The Fanged Four and The Scoobies) in some regard. When all is said and done, though, Spike isn't really a team player. I'm putting him in Slytherin, albeit hesitantly.

Faith Lehane - Slytherin

Another almost too easy one. Faith thinks about herself, primarily. Faith is a risk-taker. Faith plays it cool. Faith LOVES slaying - she doesn't consider it a burden at times, the way Buffy does. And Faith goes over to the dark side for a while. She's a Slytherin, no doubt in my mind.

Riley Finn - Hufflepuff

In the @whedonesque discussion, Riley got his usually hate: Some users suggested he not be sorted into a house at all... that he's a Squib, or even a Muggle. While I see where they're coming from, I tried to think objectively. One user pointed out that for Riley, it wasn't so much that he liked the fight, but that he felt he had an obligation to it, as well as a strong loyalty to The Initiative, then to Buffy and the Scoobies. Someone else compared him to Cedric Diggory, so all signs point to Hufflepuff. I think there's a case out there for him as a Gryffindor, though.

Tara Maclay - Hufflepuff

There were a number of tweets suggesting Tara was a Hufflepuff, which was my first thought, too, as Tara is the most kind and generous of the Scoobies. I don't feel like it fits her in a number of other ways, but to be honest, none of the other houses really do, either. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into certain things. Either way, I think she's a Hufflepuff.

Anya Jenkins - Slytherin

I find Anya to be a little bit difficult, because let's face it, she was from a different time. After being a vengeance demon for centuries, she was only really just beginning to be comfortable as a human, only to become a demon again, only to become human AGAIN. She develops empathy, but in general, she is self-serving, and vengeance probably never truly left her. Slytherin was the only strong choice.

Dawn Summers - Gryffindor

I'll admit that I haven't read the comic books, so my knowledge of Dawn is limited to her three seasons on BTVS. I found Dawn to be brave, and we know that she hated being in Buffy's shadow; she seemed to want to be a hero. I think Dawn probably has Gryffindor potential during the show, but this may not be the way she turned out.

I sincerely apologize for not having sources for my .gifs. They're all from a folder of reaction gifs on my computer that I've saved from Tumblr. If you know who created them, feel free to comment and I'll add a source.

Also, I know that I'm not the first person to do this. Also ALSO, I used this site as a reference, in case you're wondering where some of my explanations came from.

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