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8 New Blues Rock Bands You Need To Hear.

Blues rock is slowly but surely making waves in the music community thanks to the hard work of The Black Keys and Jack White. The people you don't hear about though are the indie/unsigned artists.

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1. The Heavy Heavy Hearts / Via

Los Angeles, CA.

2. Beans & Fatback / Via

Hoorn, Netherlands

3. Jared James Nichols / Via

Los Angeles, CA.

4. Mergence / Via

Phoenix, AZ

5. 22-20's / Via

London, UK

6. Black Pistol Fire / Via

Toronto, Ontario

7. The Stone Foxes / Via

San Francisco, CA

8. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown / Via spotify:track:1k7o67gk8hle7UfwC4t7bo

Nashville, TN

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