Lady Gaga’s iTunes Festival Performance In 25 GIFs

Some of our favorite moments from Lady Gaga’s 2013 iTunes Festival performance in GIFs. Watch the whole performance over at Beats4LA.

1. That moment you realize she a bit cray and S&M.

Gaga introduces us to the new song “Aura” and a bit more crazy then we expected.

2. Spirit fingers everyone.

MANiCURE is premiered and a really great track.

3. Hair flip.

4. A little touch up.

Gaga has multiple costume, hair & make up changes right on stage… Kind of goes along with her theme of taking down all the walls between her and her fans. love it.

5. Dat ass & dat hair. damn.

Gaga is living.

6. Again. Dat Hair.

7. Death to The Little Mermaid.

Now who is she channeling here?!

8. That Cake. Gaga can Rap too!

Jewels & Drugs. Gaga has a little colab and rap on the new album.

9. Gimme that good good.

10. Pop it.

11. Better werk.

12. Those SEX DREAMS.

New song “Sex Dreams” is brilliant and sexual.

13. Weave removal in 3… 2… 1…

This monologue was for the fans… because it was far to long for any of you non-little monster.

14. Gimme that Maybelline.

15. Playing them black & whites.

Something about Gaga when she plays her piano, just magical.

16. Don’t wanna grow up, Petter Pan.

Gaga premieres a beautiful track to her fans, “I Wanna Be With You”, and declares she doesn’t want to grow up. duh.

17. Feeling her Monsters strength.

18. Work that Top Hat.

19. Lights out.

Loving the dancing and choreo of this new era.

20. Some more of that dancing brilliance.

21. Really excited for that MANiCURE.

22. Yaz your back Mother Monster.

23. Do Anything For You, Little Monsters.

Before her track “Swine,” Gaga gets really emotional and deep with her Little Monsters.

24. A little humble pie.

Lady Gaga thanks the audience, and all her fans, for taking her back.


Be sure to watch the whole performance over at the blog, BEATS4LA.COM. You have to admit, Lady Gaga is a true performance artist and this show reinforces that 10 fold.

26. An extra GIF for good measure.

Since her ass seems to be the talk of the town… Thanks to venuss over at for the suggestion of this final GIF. The post just wouldn’t have been complete. :)

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