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8 Mind-Melding Makeup Looks That Prove The Devil Works Hard On Halloween, But Makeup Artists Work Harder

What sorcery is this??

1. First, check out this incredible melted face look:

2. Now look at this lip art, where someone's gone and painted an entire eyeball on their mouth:

3. There's always the half-reptile look, as perfected here:

4. But keep your slasher films, 'cause we want more slasher face makeup like this:

5. This blurred face look is going to make a LOT of people question their states of mind come Halloween night:

6. And if you really want to make an entrance at that Halloween party, there's probably no better way than going in with this zippered face look:

7. Then again, if you're not doing spider lips for Halloween, what are you really doing??

8. And, hey, if all else fails, go pumpkin or go home.

This post was translated from Spanish.