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31 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Set Foot In Mediterranean Spain

Ever hear of Murcia in Spain? Maybe it's best you hadn't.

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1. So you've decided to go visit Mediterranean Spain. Well... I'm not too sure what you're expecting to find there. It's really nothing special.

Instagram: @manurs

2. What do you think will happen? You think you'll suddenly find yourself in places that will shatter your soul with their beauty?

Instagram: @ru_gael

3. What are you even supposed to do while you're there? Aside from die of boredom, that is.

Instagram: @crismb7

4. Maybe you'll find a nice beach. I'll give you that one.

Instagram: @secretodelagua

5. But... what about after dark? What are you going to do once the sun goes down?

Instagram: @jesus_conesa

6. Everybody knows that Murcia isn't a particularly beautiful place.

Instagram: @nesa_bela

7. You can go for a swim, yes, but you'll have to do it in that unwelcoming warm broth that is the Mediterranean.

Instagram: @murciadescalza

8. I don't think there's one single place with views that are worth the trouble.

Instagram: @anto_rj23

9. Or any place where you can go just to disconnect, in the middle of nowhere, without anybody bothering you.

Instagram: @nicolesanmartin

10. You know, those neat places you might see on all those instagram accounts of people traveling to places like Ibiza.

Instagram: @sweetlovechic

11. Because, apart from a few okay beaches... is there anything worth seeing in Murcia?

Instagram: @cortes1953

12. Little villages? Cozy getaways to visit?

Instagram: @juanpedrogarci

13. Spending the day at the beach can be such a drag. Especially on those chilly days, right?

Instagram: @manurs

14. Is there any place you can go for a pleasant stroll?

Instagram: @iniestamurciano

16. Anywhere you can ride your bike to just lose yourself?

Instagram: @sergiosr17

17. I mean... is there even any culture there?

Instagram: @franinxs

18. It's not really a big party town, is it?

Instagram: @gran_vo

19. I'll bet it's full of tourists. Tacky tourists, too.

Instagram: @anapereznieto

20. It's just so stressful. And for what? Just to see a new part of Spain?

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21. There are nicer, more colorful places to visit in Spain.

Instagram: @d_anafernandez

22. There are places with more to see and do.

Instagram: @nucho_369

23. And there are places that will actually fill up your itinerary, instead of just leaving you bored.

Instagram: @maitetornell

24. I'll be right here when you come back. I can almost hear you saying, "You were so right! Murcia isn't worth it".

Instagram: @dasanes77

25. "Why didn't I listen to you, girl? I didn't find one single spot that I liked".

Instagram: @crismb7

27. And I'll answer: "I told you, pal. I told you you'd find NO-THING in Mediterranean Spain!"

Instagram: @estaes_murcia

29. No unique or amazing cuisine.

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So, you know... you'd better choose another destination.

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There's nothing for you in Murcia!