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18 Dogs Who Are More Photogenic Than You

Looking good, pups!

1. This dog that has definitely encountered a critical error:

2. This suave young pup:


"Hey, cutie! You come here often? Can I buy you a bowl of water?"

3. This dog, whose owner insists that. "he is not very photogenic" and that "he looks cuter in person".

4. This little guy that looks like you when you're drunk at a party and don't have a care in the world.

@Nico__moraa / Via Twitter: @Nico__moraa

5. This dog who clearly saw the guy she likes and was casually trying to act all sexy while out on a walk.

6. And this other dog who is maybe a little too excited:

@luciabelenp / Via Twitter: @luciabelenp

7. This dog who clearly has something to say but is doing his best to hold it back because he doesn't want to be impolite:

8. This dog who thought they were all going to make a funny face for this photo and then looked back at the last second and realized he was the only one doing it:


9. This one, who has clearly begun to suspect that there's no such place as "Yummy Bone World" and that he's going home in a cone collar:

GnomiCooper / Via Twitter: @GnomiCooper

10. This dog who already figured out how you did that magic trick:

11. This dog who definitely isn't winning any beauty contests:

12. This dog who is so excited he can't even pose for a photo:

13. This little creature that doesn't know how to read a room:

14. This cookie monster:

15. This dog who doesn't know what to do with its face:

16. This little one who looks like someone just tried to offer him some broccoli:

17. This dog who is clearly an ewok:

18. And this one who's ready to come inside now, please:



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