15 Insects That Are Actually Edible

Apparently Timon and Pumbaa are not the only ones having insects for dinner.

1. Cicada

Eaten in: Asia and parts of USA
Taste: Asparagus or clammy potato
Cooking method: Boil or fry them like shrimps

2. Wasp Larvae

Eaten in: Japan
Taste: Sweet and crunchy
Cooking method: With soy sauce and sugar

3. Skorpions

Eaten in: Vietnam, Thailand, China
Taste: Crab or shrimp
Cooking method: Skewered on a kebab and deep-fried in oil

4. Red Ants

Eaten in: Thailand
Taste: Lemony
Cooking method: In salads

5. Mopane Worms

Eaten in: Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Taste: Buttery
Cooking method: Dried or smoked and served with sauce

6. Huhu Grubs

Eaten in: New Zealand
Taste: Peanut Butter
Cooking method: Eaten raw

7. Silkworm

Eaten in: Vietnam, China, Korea
Taste: Dried shrimp
Cooking method: Boiled or fried

8. Tarantulas

Eaten in: Cambodia and Venezuela
Taste: Crab
Cooking method: Fried in oil, salt and sugar

9. Dragonflies

Eaten in: Indonesia
Taste: Crab
Cooking method: Boiled or fried

10. Stinkbugs

Eaten in: Mexico
Taste: Cinnamon
Cooking method: Ground up with chillies for taco filling

11. Palm Weevil

Eaten in: Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia
Taste: Coconut when raw and bacon when cooked
Cooking method: Raw or skewered and roasted

12. Termites

Eaten in: West Africa, Australia, parts of South America
Taste: Carrots
Cooking method: Roasted or fried

13. Waterbugs

Eaten in: Thailand
Taste: Briny and fruity
Cooking method: Fried with spicy sauce or steamed

14. Grasshoppers

Eaten in: Mexico
Taste: Salty and Spicy
Cooking method: Roasted and tossed with chilli and lime

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15. Ant Eggs

Eaten in: Mexico
Taste: Buttery and nutty
Cooking method: Boiled or fried in butter to be eaten in tacos

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