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9 Struggles Of People Who Love Really Spicy Food

Sit down, kids. Not talking about people that order "Hot Wings" here. We're talking about the sick *&%$s who are always going "Nuclear".

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1. Having to ask if the "Hottest Wings" they serve are actually hot.


The word "Hot" has apparently been overtaken by those who want to feel like they can actually handle spicy foods, but are way out of their element.

If I order your spiciest wings, then please for the love of god make them spicy!

2. Having to order "Double" Thai or Indian Hot


Will I insult the chef? Will they actually follow through with my request? Was this all a huge mistake?

These questions and more at your next Indian excursion.

3. Having to swear to the server you won't send it back!


Apparently, servers are constantly being asked to take back food that is "too hot" noting, unnecessarily, that the customer in fact ordered their food hot. This degraded word has an actual meaning people!

Hot heads constantly have to ensure they will not in fact send it back if it's too hot--which it won't be.

Treat your servers right and leave the spicy food to the pros, Donnie.

4. Being asked tons of questions about your insane eating habits.


Look, I realize that eating really spicy food isn't common. I get that you can barely handle medium. That's cool. No judging over here. But please, for the love of god, leave me alone.

Don't say "Wow!", "I could never eat that", "How do you eat that?", etc. I'm here just like anyone else--to enjoy a meal at my ideal heat level. Now pass the hot sauce.

5. People challenging you, like, constantly.

Stephen Ausmus_usda-ars

Yes, we like very spicy food. Oh, you want us to eat that whole Habanero pepper? No.

Yes, we could totally handle it but, honestly, that's not enjoyable. Now chop that same habanero up and throw it on some spicy pork tacos and we'll talk.

6. We can't share with our friends.


Do we drop the heat down and get to have a communal meal with friends? Or should we just get one dish that makes our mouths numb? That's one of the hardest predicaments any heat miser must mull over.

7. We have to plan our spiciest meals around our future schedule.


"Oh man, Ghost Pepper Wings? I'll have...wait what am I doing tomorrow?" Loving spicy foods is a double edged sword. Got a flight tomorrow? Skip the extra habanero salsa. Taking an exam? That's a no on those Ghost Pepper Wings.

This makes us great planners--although mistakes HAVE been made--but the struggle is real.

8. Hearing people say "I like to taste my food."


Heh. Just because you can't handle the heat, doesn't mean we can't taste anything. Our taste buds are different. We're used to this. We like it spicy!

Many cultures around the world eat very spicy food regularly. Can they taste their food? Yes.

Stop projecting, bruh.

9. We're really just addicts.


Ever heard of the term "Endorphin Rush"? Yeah, welcome to our vice. Those of us who simply can't get enough of the sweet, sweet capsaicin are really just addicted to the endorphins our body releases to ease the pain. We want it. We need it. We've gotta have it.

So remember kids, be nice to your local hot heads. We really can't help it, we promise.

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