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16 Awesome Video Game Music Mashups

There's regular music, there's video game music, and then there's this.

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1. Don't Touch Me (Gerudo Valley) - The Ocarina of Rhyme

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Team Teamwork / Via

Mashes up: Busta Rhymes, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

2. Everybody Move (Intro) - Gold N' Fly

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Alex Kresovich / Via

Mashes Up: Tech N9ne, GoldenEye

3. Intergalactic Zelda - Yung Internet God

Yung Internet God / Via

Mashes up: Zedd, The Beastie Boys, The Legend of Zelda

4. Cant Touch This Battery - MixerProductionsIII

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MixerProductionsIII / Via

Mashes up: MC Hammer, Sonic & Knuckles

5. Shake That Katamari - Super Smashup Bros

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Valley of Walls / Via

Mashes Up: Eminem, Katamari Damacy

6. Yoshi vs Eminem Remix - Adolfo Baez

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Adolfo Baez / Via

Mashes up: Eminem, Yoshi's Island

7. Snoop Dogg's Dreamland - YTMND

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Mashes Up: Snoop Dogg, Kirby

8. Duck Grips - Steven Cox

Steven Cox / Via

Mashes Up: Death Grips, Duck Tales

9. Ignorant Scene - Chrono Jigga

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2 Mello / Via

Mashes Up: Jay-Z, Chrono Trigger

10. The Fresh Prince of Super Mario Land - TheBoxman

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The Boxman / Via

Mashes up: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will Smith), Super Mario Land

11. Slamtris - comeonandslam

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comeonandslam / Via

Mashes Up: Quad City DJs, Tetris

12. Glamorous [Green Hill Zone: Sonic Remix] - afriquedeluxe

afriquedeluxe / Via

Mashes Up: Fergie, Sonic the Hedgehog

13. Koopa Troopa Sky - Nate Berkopec

Nate Berkopec / Via

Mashes Up: Kanye West, Mario Kart 64

14. Float On Goldenrod City - fnogg

fnogg / Via

Mashes Up: Modest Mouse, Pokemon

15. Flex Man - rockgokou

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rockgokou / Via

Mashes Up: Party Boyz, Mega Man

16. DoomKiller - LNERfan

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LNERfan / Via

Mashes Up: Judas Priest, Doom

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