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9 Ways To Take Your Vines To The Next Level

Here are some pointers to make your Vines stand out from the rest of the pack.

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1. Use a tripod to steady the image


If you don't have access to a tripod, try stabilizing your phone in an empty coffee mug.

2. Mark a spot to keep things consistent


Create compelling stop-motion and 360º Vines by marking a spot on tape to help you keep the subject static throughout the video.

3. Create a time-lapse to tell a longer story


For example, when creating a time-lapse panorama, follow these simple steps:

Count to 15, tap, turn, and repeat.

4. The best stop-motion Vines have more taps

Via Twitter: @JethroAmes

You can tap the screen approximately 70 times when recording a 6 second Vine. The more taps you can include, the better your stop-motion will look.

5. Cover your lens to create transitions

Via Twitter: @jack

Hold your hand over the lens so all you see is black. Then quickly take it away and start recording as your Vine fades-in from a white screen. Using transitions will add a dramatic effect to your stories.

6. Use a different lens for a unique perspective

Via Twitter: @curtislepore

Try the olloclip fisheye lens for a cool wide angle.

7. End where you started to create a seamless loop


Try ending a recording so your last frame or clip makes a smooth transition to the start of your sequence. Add the hashtag #loop to give your Vine a chance to be seen by more people.

8. Leverage the pause/play functionality to create a game

Via Twitter: @generalelectric

Create an interactive and engaging Vine prompting your followers to tap the Vine to pause, and then tap it again to play.

9. Follow Unpopular Now for even more tips and tricks!

Via Twitter: @UnpopularNow

Unpopular Now is a collective Vine account created by a group of popular Viners. Many of the posts give a behind-the-scenes look at how trending Vines are made.

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