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"How Can We Spend A Good Valentine's Day By Being Single?"

I am a student of the University of the West of Scotland! This article is intended primarily for all young and dynamic single, girls or boys looking for ideas to spend a more enjoyable 14th of February! It is also available in French :

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As every year, from February, depression wins people who have not yet found their "soul mate". For many, Valentine's Day is above all a good way to remind to the single people that they are alone on this occasion! But do not be discouraged, you are not the only single person throughout this event (which between us is more and more old-fashioned ...). There are a lot of single people in Europe and people of all ages: young or retired, celibacy spares nobody!

So yes, couples will certainly have a great evening together, get lots of gifts, go to a restaurant but that does not mean that you also do not have the right to have some fun or treat yourself too! This article aims to make this day fun for all bachelor’s girls and guys, so I will try to give you some advice to have a good time and forget for a moment your celibacy!

Firstly, during this day avoid contact or relationship with people in a couple, they will only remind you your situation and will demoralize you unintentionally ... / Via Printerest

To spend a pleasant day and feel good, you must look on the bright side of things, think of all the advantages of being single for the 14th of february. You have no gift or evening (restaurant ...) to prepare days, weeks in advance to please your partner. You don’t have the pressure to organize the evening of the year or the fear of disappointing your lover with a gift that might displease him/her. But the main advantage is of course that you will achieve significant savings (in these times of crises ...).

The gift budget for Valentine's Day is estimated at over 90£ for men and 60£ for women. Save money or use it to make yourself happy!

So instead of banging your head to find the perfect present, you can devote this day to your own well-being and just for once be a little selfish! I encourage you to plan a day and evening where you will only do what you want.

To forget this particular day, you can first choose to do some sports, this will allow you to empty your mind and feel good! Go to the gym, the pool, the football stadium ... Select safe places where you will have no chance of meeting couples!

I would also advise you exceptionally after your sports session to indulge yourself with food: go to Mcdonald, restaurant and eat as much as you want! You are single no one is there to judge you, you can eat anything and everything : junk food, fries, Nutella, pizzas ... you can eat without feeling guilty, without moderation! / Via Onsizzle

For the rest of the day and especially for the evening, I imagine that you are not the only person in your environment to be single, invite your friends, colleagues, neighbours or family member to spend the evening in your home.

For men, calendar coincidence, for Valentine's Day this year there is a great night of football and Champions League! There are a lot of interesting matches: Paris vs Barcelona, Benfica vs Dortmund, Naples vs Madrid ... For football fans, it may be better to be single that night! Like any self-respecting football night, you'll need Pizza, chips and a few beers. No woman will be there to disturb you during this important moment! / Via Onsizzle

For women, why not organize "ladies' night out” : go to the cinema, the restaurant or prepare a nice little meal. Avoid the movies and romantic places and enjoy to criticize the couple! Whether for women or for men, do not hesitate to make fun of lovers, it will do you good and will allow you to relativize your situation.

For the most motivated, the night is just beginning, indeed in big cities, Valentine's Day is often a good way to Bars, Pubs and nightclubs to organize special evenings and in particular single party. I suggest you some places to spend the evening in Great Britain.

Valentine's Day is probably the day of the year when many parties between singles are organized and all the participants wish to find their “soulmate” there. The opportunity is ideal to meet people! Do not forget to make yourself beautiful for this special occasion.

The most important thing is to spend this day with people you like
. Valentine's Day is above all a day of celebration, a tribute to those you love: family, friends ...Your prince or princess will probably find you next year!

Here, I think I have now given you some good advice and hope to make your 14th of February more enjoyable.

I also want to reassure you about your situation because in reality everyone knows that this celebration is a purely commercial event.

And then, As the saying goes in my country: 'better alone than in bad company!"

You can if you wish to complete this small survey addressed primarily to singles!

Results are already available, I invite you to consult them These may well reassure you about your situation!

I also offer some videos that give you a smile and especially the excellent Gabriel Conte specialist of Valentine's Day :

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Happy Valentine's Day to all;)

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