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    • basiti

      PTI trade mark response to elections, PMLN’s victory and PTI’s partial defeat. For kind information of the authoraparty who didn’t put their candidate on almost 100 seats be expected to sweep in elections. Secondly, voter turn out was only 8% increased as compared to 2008 elections. So Imran Khan didn’t doamiracle in Pakistani politics. Winningastrong hold ofaparty is notachild’s play, though that’s was Imran’s mistake that he thought it so easy to win all the seats in Punjab, let alone Lahore. Because PMLN is not MQM. Thirdly, PTI has been givenafair chance, as Imran is yet to be mature as politician abandoning demands/slogans of like shot down the drones. That’s so childish, rather emtionally foolish.

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