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Which Once Upon A Time Character Are You Really?

C'mon. You're dying to know... Unless you're Rumple... Than you're immortal so you're just anxious.

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  1. Looks like there's a dark curse coming! What do you do?

    I can avoid it! I can stop it! I won't give up!
    Make sure my family is safe. Then I prepare for us.
    I take take of my family no matter what that means even if I die.
    I prepare myself. What else?
    I embrace it! Why not have a little fun while I still can?
    The heroes will stop it! I know they can! Or they'll protect me in this new land! I know I'm safe.
  2. Your child was kidnapped! What's your instinct?

    I track down the one who has him and take me kid back!
    Go to them! The plan may be long term, but I will see them again!
    I don't know... I don't have kids.
    I march in there and do whatever I need to get my kid back!
    Strategize a way in and get my kid!
    Use magic. That's MY kid!
  3. The love of your life died. What do your do?

    I ruin whoever took them from me! Revenge will be mine!
    Kill them and whoever they're dating!
    Cry and call the cops...
    I find the one I love, try to save them and if I can't I will find the one who did it.
    I will find the one who did it and try to reason with them.
    Mourn and help fulfill their dying wish.
  4. You're being forced into a loveless marriage. What now?

    I'm sure the other person has love outside of this. I can help set them up!
    I never stop looking for true love and when I find it, I try to leave the loveless marriage.
    I don't get it. I get out before I'm trapped.
    I'd wait to be saved.
    They're not in love with me? I guess I'll kill them!
    Wait a little while and then kill my spouse.
  5. What do you despise?

    Is there a limit?
    I don't like being away from my family. I know where I belong.
    People endangering my family.
    People breaking deals.
    Having so much evil out there.
    I'm not very fond of apples...
  6. Do you believe in magic?

    I wish I didn't.
    Very much!
    Yeah but it's still kinda weird to talk about.
    Yes. It's just not a huge part of my life.
    Some say I'm the magic master!
    I do but I don't like it too much.
  7. How do you get around?

    Car, Bus, Boat, you name it! I'm flexible.
    I prefer horseback, thank you.
    I like carriages.
    Cars are nice.
    I usually walk.
    I teleport to where I want to be.
  8. Weapon of choice?

    Where's my gun?
    I use whatever I can or have to.
    Bow and arrows suit me.
    I don't use weapons. People always have my back.
    Swords, thank you.
  9. How pure is your heart?

    As pure as they come!
    I guess it's pretty pure.
    Quite pure but I wouldn't know.
    Generally pure but there's a big, black speck in it.
    I used to be consumed by darkness but my heart is becoming purer.
    I'm barely pure at all.
  10. Where's home?

    Wherever you just miss when you're away.
    I follow the magic and sometimes my family.
    Probably in the Enchanted Forest but Storybrooke is fine.
    In Storybrooke.
    Wherever my family is.
    I want it to be the Enchanted Forest but my family would have to be there too.

Which Once Upon A Time Character Are You Really?

You got: Emma Swan

You're realistic but not a stick in the mud. You like to see the best in people but don't block out the bad. You can be a bit hasty but you always trust your instincts. You, my friend, are the product of true love.

Emma Swan
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You got: Snow White

You always see the best in people and don't believe anyone deserves to die. Family is your number one priority but you're not blinded by it. You will make a great mother/father someday.

Snow White
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You got: Charming

Hello, Handsome. You dream of true love and your family is your number one priority. You're noble, brave and true. If the choice were between your life or your family's, you'd give your own life without a second thought. You can be a bit over-protective but who can blame you?

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You got: Regina

Okay so maybe you weren't exactly on Santa's nice list in the past but you've changed! Really! You would do anything for your family and are desperate for your happy ending. You're not afraid to take charge and do what needs to be done!

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You got: Rumplestiltskin

You can be a bit selfish but you can be tamed. You're clever and really good at finding loop holes. You do prioritize family but they're not always number 1 as much as you may wish they could be. Your heart isn't pure but it's not all dark either.

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You got: Henry

You have the heart of the truest believer. You come from the greatest light and greatest dark magic. Sometimes you feel alone but it never lasts very long. You desperately want to be in a fairytale. You're also probably the youngest in your family.

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