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15 People Who Prove The Pizza Crave Is Happening.


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1. Lele and Jared lady-and-the-tramp-ing dat slice

2. Anna and her daughter, Katie sharing quite the moment with some good ol' cheese on bread

3. Clarissa about to put one with everything on it in her mouth

4. Fetus Miley with not ONLY pizza but (wait for it) SPAGETTI

5. Analia with dat good ol' homemade

6. Sandra sniffing it first

7. Baby Jelena feeling and looking awkwardly cute (as always)

8. Judy, Louise taking pictures of the pizza that Tina is going to eat alone

9. Sarah trying to make us all feel fat for wanting some damn pizza. STFU, SARAH! WE ALL KNOW WHICH ONE YOU PICKED!

10. Bill who thinks cheese is too mainstream...

11. Tom who isn't really sure how to eat pizza like most people- no wait that's an unravelled taco? Both?

12. Zooey who's cousin took the picture the wrong way

13. Yuki and Paul not eating pizza at all... probably

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14. Bonnie taking "just one piece"

15. Little Rosie about to tackle Big Joey

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all of this if from google except for the words. The words are mine

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