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    • basicallywhat

      You’re so wrong about #1. Yeah there should be a balance, but EVERYTHING I’ve learned over my years of dating has said do not offer solutions. Because invariably, the solution does not take emotions into account because men think in a soulless, cold logical way a lot of the time that doesn’t really wash well with our emotionally in-tune counterparts. Invariably listening is paramount, it is the most important thing. Understanding - that is what most women want and need. They are smart enough to figure things out for themselves as much as anyone, and practical solutions should only be offered if you are asked or you need to make an intervention. Those are the only two circumstances. MARK MY WORDS ALL YOU DUDES OUT THERE!!! The woman that wrote this article may be quite unique in that she doesn’t mind being offered up solutions but really she’s in denial about the emotional requirements of her fellow women. Men are NOT emotional in the same way. They express their emotions in a completely different style, and often are not as open about it. And that, unfortunately, is how our society and culture have conditioned us to be. For now at least. There can be a certain degree of gender profiling because at the end of the day our world still has boys and still has girls and no matter how much equality there is in other aspects (which is excellent of course) emotions and logic are approached in a completely different way by each sex. This might well change in the future - but for now, I’ll have to say you’re in denial if you wholeheartedly disagree.

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