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Someone Designed Hogwarts' Bathrooms And They're Amazing

Artist Romy Yao posted on her Tumblr a series of digital artwork where she imagined how the Houses’ bathrooms in the Harry Potter 'verse would look like, and suddenly it’s Hogwarts nostalgia all over again.

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Romy Yao / Via

«For Hufflepuffs I realized there were lots of round-shaped things in Japanese onsen, and they wouldn’t mind sharing baths or be worried about their look as they cherish acceptance. So I made a warm cozy space to relax (and I read afterwards that badgers groom together so… perfect). Brought copper and plants, of course.» said Yao, and it’s amazing how well she fits the House’s distinctive traits and personality even in the design of their bathroom. That’s some dedication right there, and we love it!


Romy Yao / Via

«I guess Ravenclaws would be pragmatic and not spend hours in the bathroom. Also in my opinion they are more individualists so I chose individual showers (and made them round to echo the tower shape.» was Yao’s description, and then she added a myriad of little details ― the astral mosaics on the floor, the casket and shelf shaped like eagles for used and fresh towels, even a raven claw in the changing area of the showers. But the real crowning jewel of it all is the mechanism of the shower itself, «It’s a tricky changing mechanism, for each shower you have to get the new logic to have hot water», which echoes the way one enters Ravenclaw Tower. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me that would be definitely impossible. But then again, I’m a cold-shower taker, so I’d probably manage in any case!


Romy Yao / Via

«Once again, pragmatism and no waste of time. I think Gryffindors don’t bother about their looks too much so I’ve drawn common showers. I tried to pack everything in a small space as they’re in a tower too.», and doesn’t this set up just scream Gryffindor lions?


Romy Yao / Via

«I needed bathrooms for Slytherins and it made me think of Roman baths so I mixed several things to make a comfortable room where they could relax (or plot),» is what Yao said about the Snakes’ bathroom, which features a Jacuzzi («paid or offered by a rich alumnus»), individual showers and sinks (with a snake faucet and vaguely reminiscent of the access to the Chamber of Secrets, if you ask me), giant decorative peacock feathers, and giant mirrors for make up and hair styling. And it’s all very fancy, which is a Slytherin must have.

My Slytherclaw self is, all and all, deeply satisfied. And what about you? Would you feel comfortable in the baths thought for your House? Would you have suggestion or changes you'd like to make? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to swing by the artist's Tumblr to leave her some love!

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