31 Party Favors You Expected At ’90s Birthday Parties

We’d skate, bowl, paint plaster, spinart shirts, and swim. But there was nothing better than getting that precious bag of party favors at the end of the night.

This roller skating party was a blast!

…even though you held onto the wall every moment leading up to this photo.

Cupcakes were good! You licked the icing off the ring on top and placed it on your finger. Very fashionable!

And then you traded each other for a better character.

The party ended and you were finally handed a… PARTY FAVOR!

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!

1. Which candy did you get?

Trade you red for blue?

2. Which ring did you get?

See these totally work! I’m feeling calm and the ring is blue!

3. A sliding number puzzle, fun!

Do not even attempt this. You will never solve this puzzle and the numbers will forever be scrambled. And your friend is lying when he says he has done it before. Prove it!

4. A light-up yo-yo, yes!!

Sometimes it doesn’t light up, so you have to flick it harder!

5. Get me to a staircase immediately!

We are going to watch this thing take 3 steps and then reset it!

6. Excuse me, where is the restroom?

I need to wash my hands, face and entire body.

7. Neon whistle bracelets??

Mom’s gonna love this one on the car ride home!

8. Why don’t you just have a seat?

Please sit! Just once!!

9. Wax Lips are… candy or toy?

Hold on, I have to put these in my mouth RIGHT NOW.

10. Cool shoelaces!!!

Except I don’t understand how you get them on!?

11. Oops, this fell on the floor.

It’s kind of dirty, but I’m still gonna stick it on the car window for the entire ride home.

12. I swear, I am NOT putting my fingers in there again…

…I swear, I really didn’t mean to do it again. Help me get my fingers out!

13. It’s a fan, it won’t hurt you!

Just touch it!

14. A hologram keychain, awesome!

I mean, my parents usually hold onto the keys, but I’ll keep this in my desk drawer for a few years!

15. Look out bro, I’m locked and loaded!

Oh, you have a Super Soaker 50 at home? Nevermind.

16. Another paint set!

My mom says I’m not allowed to bring any more of these home.

17. Which color should I use!?!

Six of the colors ran out before the party ended, but there are still four left!

18. Please, come closer.

I want to show you something.

19. Seriously, come closer. I just want to show you something. It’s cool!


20. Why don’t you believe me?

You really have to see it!

21. Pleaaaaaase! Just come here!

…Did that hurt?

22. Wanna see whose can go higher?

23. I’m pretty sure it’s a toy.

Sorry, it’s actually just decoration for my bedroom.

24. Gimme a second!

I can’t get the tip onto this Styrofoam glider! Should we just not use it? … Nope, that didn’t work.

25. Ouch!

…Did you just get shocked?

26. Where do you want it?

27. Earrings for every day of the month!

Wait, don’t some months have 31 days? Oh well, I go through like 15 of these a day anyway!

28. Watch this!

…Keep watching!

29. Schzzzzzzzzzzsh!

30. Wait, they spin but don’t light up?

I’ll just give this one to my brother.

31. And… The ultimate party favor! SLAP BRACELETS!

So glad I decided to come to this party!

Everybody raise your root beer floats!


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