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Cars That Will Make You Fat

Not to put too fine a point on it: some cars make eating much easier than others. And some go all out to provide occupants with cooler wells, fridges, and an excessive number of cup holders — these are the ones that can turn a healthy lifestyle into a Big Gulp lifestyle, with room to spare. From Autos

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  • Dodge Grand Caravan

    Cupholders: 13 (That's more cupholders than seats…) Extras: Up to four overhead bins for snacks, 12 cu. ft. of hidden storage space, in-floor storage bins, YES Essentials soil-repellant fabric, available rear table…perfect for hosting a four-place Thanksgiving dinner

  • Acura MDX

    Cupholders: 8 (apparently there was a cupholder development program…) Extras: Available navigation system with built-in Zagat restaurant guide (!!), 12v outlets

  • Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

    Cupholders: At least 7 (might be some in the third row but we can't recall…) Extras: Guilt-free drive-thru runs on all-electric power, auxiliary power outlets, huge volume of interior space, gigantic centre console

  • Toyota Tundra CrewMAX

    Cupholders: 6 (more than the number of seats…) Extras: Up to 3 12v outlets, centre console big enough for a picnic lunch, practically a million storage cubbies to hide snacks in.

  • RAM 1500

    Cupholders: 4 Extras: Dual glove box, two rear in-floor drainable wells (for backseat parties), available dashboard household power outlet, two front 12v outlets

  • Toyota Sienna

    Cupholders: Up to 12 Extras: Enough storage to lose a child in, available ottoman rear seats (ever eat ice cream from a bowl balancing on your chest?), overhead console, dome lights for all occupants, three 12v outlets

  • Ford Flex

    Cupholders: 10 Extras: Available second row fridge that can chill up to seven 12-oz. cans, four half-litre bottles or two 20-oz. bottles down to -5 degrees Celsius; available automatic parking assist (just in case the drive-thru is closed), three 12v outlets, available household power inverter

  • 2007-2010 Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring

    Cupholders: 6 (some models could be had with heated AND cooled upholders!) Extras: Available "Chill Zone" in-dash cooler for four cans, YES Essentials soil-repellant fabric

  • Honda Ridgeline

    Cupholders: 6 Extras: Under bed drainable trunk as large as a cooler…perfect for tailgate parties or keeping a dozen lobster fresh, three 12v power outlets, household power outlet

  • 2007-2010 Jeep Compass and Dodge Caliber

    Cupholders: 4 Extras: Available "Chill Zone" in-dash cooler for four 20-oz bottles or cans, YES Essentials soil-repellant fabric, illuminated front upholders, LED flashlight (for knowing where to cut your steak), 100-volt outlet for powering small electronics (IE, fridge) If you'd like more, visit Autos