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20 Polls To Get You Thinking About How Often You Compare Yourself To Others

Do you find yourself struggling to “keep up” with those around you — especially when it comes to money (and what money can buy)? Head to Bank of America’s Better Money Habits® for some great tools and tips to help you achieve your financial goals.

Ever stop and think about *just* how connected we are to people all around the world and how much information is at our fingertips?

We know that the pressure to manage your finances optimally and achieve your goals as quickly as possible is way too real. Give us your honest takes on how you compare yourself below!

Did you find that you compare yourself more than you realized?

Comparison isn't always bad thing, but it can get a little overwhelming. Some updates make you feel good; others make you feel...not so good. And when you start trying to keep pace with the wrong things, that can spell trouble for your financial health.

This year, Bank of America's Better Money Habits® is seeking to flip the comparison trap on its head and help Americans stay focused on the things that matter to them.