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10 Ways To Start Eliminating Errands From Your Life

♫ Free your (time) and the rest will follow. ♫ Take advantage of these time savers, and deposit checks with the Bank of America Mobile Banking App to avoid another errand.

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2. Drop your dry-cleaning routine. Pick up a steamer.

Many "Dry Clean Only" garments can be washed at home with some extra-sensitive care. Always let the garments air dry, and be sure to read their labels first.

5. Send a messenger instead of a thank-you card.

With apps on the market like Somebody, created by writer Miranda July, you can have someone else deliver your message with a human touch.

6. Avoid clothing returns by using fancy measurement tools.

Many retailers are incorporating advanced fitting applications to their online stores. Getting it right the first time will save you the stress.

7. Fix your pharmacy woes by ordering online.

Ordering online isn't exclusive to life's luxuries. Order all your toiletries from your phone, and you'll have a lot more time on your (clean) hands.

8. Send motherly advice instead of motherly goods.

If you're a parent who likes to bombard their near-adult child with some sweetness from home, avoid a few trips to the shipping center by sending recipes instead.

9. Stop apologizing with flowers.

Romantics, hear us out! Flowering up your apology seems like a good idea, but you're just delaying the point. Save the flowers for the good times — and remember, there's obviously an app for that.

With the Bank of America Mobile Banking App, you can deposit checks from your phone, pay power bills, and send the $20 you owe your cousin. Erase the errand(s)!