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    18 Church Signs That Jesus Definitely Did Not Approve

    "To whomever stole our oil tank, U R going to hell."

    1. This sign with some high-level marketing.

    2. And this one with a pretty smart advertising tactic.

    3. This sign that takes dad jokes to the next level.

    4. And this one that's too punny for words.

    5. This sign with a direct command.

    6. And this one with an alternative commandment.

    7. This warning sign.

    8. And this mildly threatening sign.

    9. This sign that'll help keep your faith looking 20 years younger.

    10. And this one that's definitely just clowning around.

    11. This one just says farts, so I think it's funny.

    12. This Wheel of Fortune-inspired sign.

    13. This sign that gets straight to the point.

    14. And this sign that uses the classic lyrics of our time to reach people.

    15. This sign that's giving Walmart a run for its money.

    16. And this sign that has Popeyes shook.

    17. This lazy AF but straight-to-the-point sign.

    18. And, finally, this sign that's definitely a direct quote.

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