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The 10 Best Songs Of 2015 That You Missed

Here's what should've been on the radio in 2015.

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10. "Adventure" by Cheat Codes

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This song is upbeat and happy and could've been a summer hit. Cheat Codes have other songs that should be check out such as "Senses" and "Visions."

9. "Lighthouse" by G.R.L.

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This song was dedicated in memory to the 5th member of the girl-band, Simone Battle, who took her own life in 2014. That same year, the band had reached its biggest success with the song "Ugly Heart."

8. "Coming Home" by Sigma & Rita Ora

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The "I Will Never Let You Down" singer is back, this time joining with British Duo, Sigma.

7. "Model" by Before You Exit

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Before You Exit released this single in July 2015. It's catchy and has everything that a pop song should have. Other songs you may like by Before You Exit are "Dangerous" and "I Like That."

6. "Something Better" by Audien feat. Lady Antebellum

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The country trio, Lady Antebellum, dabble in the EDM world and the results were fantastic. It's a chill song and certainly is worth a listen. Audien has other great songs too, such as "Monaco" and "Pharaohs."

5. "Close to Your Love" by AtellaGali feat. Amanda Renee

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I like how this song is one that could be played as background music and it would instantly make the mood lighter and happier. Although the chorus is repetitive, you don't get tired of it; in fact just the opposite.

4. "One Last Night" by Vaults

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This song was featured on the soundtrack for "Fifty Shades of Grey." It has an airy sound/ feel which makes it such a relaxing song.

3. "Overload" by Life of Dillon

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Happiness is clearly a theme in this list as this is without a doubt the happiest song of 2015. You can't not smile when listening to it. It takes you to the beach!

2. "Follow Me" by Hardwell feat. Jason Derulo

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Considering that this song combines two international superstars, I can't believe that this song didn't get more popular. The fast pace is what makes this song so great, especially by the end with the combination of the chorus and music.

1. "I Won't Let You Walk Away" by Mako feat. Madison Beer

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This song says in a lighthearted way "you better not leave me." It's my favorite song of 2015 and everyone should definitely give it a listen and maybe it'll be resurrected in 2016.

Looking Forward to a Music-Filled 2016!

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