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    • Linorth

      I’m Iranian andIlive in Iran.
      most of this list is kind of wrong.
      pork and alcohol is illegal here since its an Islamic country, and Muslims don’t eat pork and eating pork is banned in the religion. havingapet is not illegal! you can haveadog,but you can walk your dog in public places (streets, parks, etc..) so its not ideal for pet owners since animals will not be happy without having their walks but its not illegal to own them, you can keep them in your house withoutaproblem. Mannequins are not illegal either!!!Idon’t know why its in the list! stuff about clothing, since Iran is an Islamic nation they have some rules about provocative clothing for females. so bright color clothes are not illegal.
      as long as the dress in not provocative its color is irrelevant. Protein Supplements are not illegal either, they just don’t allow stores to sell the brands that are not approved by our health department. itsahealth control thing. rap is not illegal, but the government have very strict laws against freedom of speech, so that makes it hard for rappers to say whatever they want on their songs. it is almost as bad as being illegal, if not more.. necktiles are not illegal either, but since men on power in the country believe the neck tie isachristian thing! and they are Muslim so they should not wear neck ties.
      but there is notalaw against wearing them, so technically its not illegal.
      but those are not very common here, usually people wear them only in wedding and parties. not in everyday clothing. studying political sciences is not illegal here. we have that in our universities.Idon’t know why its on the list. for the rest of the list,Iapprove facebook, youtube, valentines day, cleavage(its againareligious thing, hijab and all that..) and jorts. the rest are not illegal here. books and celebrities are not illegal here,I don’t understand howaperson can be illegal inacountry!!! butIguess itsaterm for showing that they are banned from interning our country by our government, which in that case yes its sadly true. but about the books, we don’t have copyright rules and most of the books are not original. for example the money that Iranians pay for buying harry potter’s books (the ones which are being sold in our country) is not going to J.K.Rolling’s pocket!
      they translate the original book and print it and sell it to people and keep the money for themselves. and the other stuff (like tattoo and grills and etc..)are not illegal, just not that common around here. P.S:Idon’t approve any of this laws, like most of other IraniansIhate the fact that most of the good things in life are illegal in my country because of the religious beliefs amongst men in power.Ijust wanted to make the list more realistic and share my info with others.

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