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    • Baerchen

      My 19-year-old girl and my 21-year-old boy (both adopted) have been struggling with their weight since they were toddlers. They have special shakes, they exercise, have extra meals, even take supplements and probiotics, plenty fruit and veg and meat and milk and grains. They are struggling terribly and there is no end in sight. Nothing is helping. They are underweight and they don’t feel good. Blood pressure is too low, they don’t have the energy their peers have, they get dizzy just when standing up.  And yet, they, especially the girl gets compliments on how skinny she is and how wonderful and healthy that is. She even was offered modelling jobs. She is so unhappy with her body, wants some curves and boobs, but nothing is working, their parents were exactly the same, so were their grandparents. Dieticians have told my girl that she will have problems with her ‘womenly functions’ when she was 11. All girls in her class grew boobs and curves, but she didn’t. And yet, men stare at her in the street and whistle, modelling agencies would love to have her. This is so, so, so wrong.  Jes in these pictures is not unhealthily fat or promotes being unhealthy, in fact, slightly overweight women have a longer life span if they eat and exercise well. Vitamins are stored in the fat. Severe obesity is, of course, unhealthy, but I don’t see that being promoted here. I myself am slightly overweight, upper normal range of the BMI and I am fitter, stronger and healthier than my two kids, and that is NOT right. The models we usually see and who are often admired have trouble with their health, you cannot be that skinny and have no problems. And yet, unhealthy is being advertised all the time, in every magazine, every advert? And you attack Jes for advertising an unhealthy lifestyle? Rubbish. Steffi

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