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Why Woody Allen May Be The Real Brainwasher

The director's rebuttal to Dylan Farrow's allegations that he molested her depicts his ex, Mia Farrow, as a deceitful, manipulative, hate-mongering witch who brainwashed his child. A close examination of his own statements paints a different picture.

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Last year I got a ton of crap for having an opinion. Now it's everyone else's turn.

Senator Whitehouse: 9 Reasons I Care About Climate Change – And You Should Too

As carbon pollution continues to drive global climate change and wreak havoc on our environment, the Obama Administration recently proposed limits on carbon pollution from new power plants. Here are 9 reasons why I care about climate change and why I support President Obama’s plan to address it.

Let’s Stop Naming Mass Shooters In Our Reporting

A mass shooting is a performance. Repeating the name of the shooter makes him a star.

LGBT Olympians And Allies Should Show Up In Russia

You Can Play Project co-founder Patrick Burke writes that out LGBT and "publicly pro-gay" people should not boycott the Sochi Olympic games despite Russia’s anti-LGBT environment and laws. "Show the world that there are elite LGBT athletes who are not afraid to be themselves, on and off the playing field," he writes in this BuzzFeed op-ed.

11 Reasons Why Congress Needs To Fix Student Loan Rates Now

Shamefully, Congress failed to act before the July 1st deadline to prevent your student loan interest rates from doubling. This is an issue on which we should all agree. I call on Congress to pass legislation that will retroactively prevent this de facto tax increase on young people already struggling under mountains of debt. At a time when Americans owe more than $1.2 trillion in student loans debt, the last thing we should do is make college more expensive for students and their families. Here are 11 reasons why Congress needs to act on student loan interest rates.

Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans

Besides Sens. Ron Wyden and Mark Udall, most Democrats abandoned their civil liberty positions during the age of Obama. With a new leak investigation looming, the Democrat leadership are now being forced to confront all the secrets they've tried to hide.

The Online Right Is Freaking Awesome

Last week, Ben Howe was pilloried by some in the conservative blogosphere for writing for BuzzFeed. Now he offers a tribute to the right's vibrant online community.

Another Terrible Conservative Movie

The latest Tea Party–inspired project isn't even finished, but it already looks pretty bad. RedState editor Ben Howe on his movement's struggle to produce quality art and entertainment. [Updated]

Shameful New Teen Pregnancy Ads

Shameful to mothers, shameful to children, shameful to the City of New York.

Time For The Republican Party To Discover The Internet

Google is not a social network, and other elementary errors.

How White People Made It Big By Getting Government Handouts

Bill O'Reilly's forebears knew a thing or two about turning to the government when the free market wasn't cutting it.

14 Lessons From 2012

Obama will get better. Politics keeps getting worse.

How To Recover From An Electoral Shellacking

A sympathetic Democrat's advice.

A New Hope: Obama Campaign’s Familiar Final Bow

After four years of promises not quite kept, the president dusts off a cherished buzzword in his last stand.

Why Campaigns Air False Ads

Because why not. And because the law makes them impossible to stop.

Sandy Seizes Control From The Campaigns

Obama and Romney can't control this narrative. A better chance to see what the candidates are really like.

The End Of Flip-Flops

Mitt Romney's late pivot is a bet that the label isn't as toxic as it used to be.

Why It's Impossible To Win A Debate

The media and the people want different things. Attack? Or make people like you?

Why Politicians Say Dumb Things To Rich People

Big donors pay five figures or more for chummy presentations and fake influence. They got what they paid for in Florida.

Democrats Sing Elizabeth Warren's Tune

If you listened closely in Charlotte, you could hear a rhetorical liberal resurgence.

You Don't Tell Clint Eastwood To Stay On The Teleprompter

Kind of like the time I tried to talk Billy Crystal out of a Jewish joke. Celebrities are impossible to control.

How Mitt Romney Got It Done In Tampa

Romney convinces America that the Republican Party is sane, and that he's ready.

How It Became Safe To Attack Barack Obama

In 2008 — when I worked against Obama, then for him — even David Gergen saw the race card everywhere. Now birther jokes are fair game.

Why The Police Shot Civilians At The Empire State Building Today

A workplace shooting turned into a firefight that left nine civilians injured, many reportedly by police bullets.The "active shooter scenario."

No, This Isn't The Nastiest Campaign Ever

Welcome to the political class's quadrennial freakout.

Romney, Not Obama, Is Winning The Social Media Race

Facebook is the space that matters. And a widely-cited Pew Research Center study looked at the wrong metric.

Nobody Had To Put Harry Reid Up To Anything

High-profile surrogates are, as usual, totally out of control. Bad memories from the Clinton war room.

Can Obama's "Chemical Warfare" Keep The White Vote Down?

John Ellis on the president's negative campaign. Romney hasn't figured out an antidote.

The Real 2012 Problem: Two Candidates Afraid Of The Past

Forget the future. Obama and Romney haven't even figured out how to talk about their own records.

How Text Messages Will Revolutionize Campaign Fundraising

A new FEC rule means you can give money with a text. A new challenge to email — and a boost for Obama.

Five Lessons From Big Blue's Wisconsin Disaster

Republicans and Democrats look to November after a dramatic night in Wisconsin.

The Number That Will Matter In Wisconsin

In the epic showdown between Big Blue and Big Red, Walker's margin may be the number being watched from Chicago and Boston. A Walker blowout means trouble for the president.

Ellis: Romney's Answer To "Forward" Is "Brown Energy"

How can the Republican win the future? Fracking!

Where's Romney's Alternative?

Etch A Sketch won't beat the Blue Social Model, BuzzFeed columnist John Ellis argues.

Why Rick Won't Quit

The cost is high. But it's not about logic, or even winning, any more.

Big Media Is About To Pull The Plug On Newt Gingrich

The suits are taking charge, and they're killing the travel budgets. Sorry Newt, Rick, Zeke!

How Mitt Romney Can Put This Thing Away

BuzzFeed columnist John Ellis tells Romney: Go to South Carolina, go all in, and kill the opposition before it's born. What Atwater told Bush: "When you have your opponent by the throat in presidential politics, you best finish the job."

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