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Living with Algorithms

Living with Algorithms

Here's Who Facebook Thinks You Really Are

I stumbled into Facebook's secret brain and learned how it really sees me.

Cracking The Tinder Code: Love In The Age Of Algorithms

I swapped Tinder accounts with a female co-worker. Then Tinder's data team reviewed our performance. Here's what we learned.

I Let Facebook’s Algorithms Run My Life For Weeks

How I destroyed my feed, annoyed my relatives, and maybe even found true friendship in the process.

How To Beat Uber’s Surge-Pricing Algorithm (And Lyft’s Too)

Strategies to avoid paying higher rates for Uber and Lyft during peak times.

The Algorithm That Reads Luxury Hotel Reviews To Predict What The Ultra Wealthy Want

What do you get the ultra-luxury hotel guests who have everything? A computer program that analyzes their TripAdvisor reviews to figure out what they want.

This Algorithm Accidentally Predicted Which Hospital Patients Were Most Likely To Die

The algorithm didn’t work the way it was supposed to. But it ended up having a more powerful potential: telling doctors who their sickest patients were.

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