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    Posted on Jul 24, 2014

    Ergonomic Equipment Could Save US Businesses $80 Billion A Year

    The U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration has advised that RSI injuries is the nation’s largest occupational health problem.

    The U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration has advised that RSI injuries is the nation’s largest occupational health problem.

    There are hundreds of thousands of USA working men and woman who suffer from these injuries. It is estimated that over $20 billion is paid out in compensation each year.

    Ergonomic equipment

    Ergonomic office equipment could dramatically reduce this if companies upgraded their workstations and bought good quality ergonomic mice, keyboards, desks and chairs for their workers. Making these changes has been shown to prevent up to two thirds of lost working days through illness.

    Blue Shield of Rhode Island has found that a 70% reduction in lost workdays after they improved their office ergonomics.

    RSI is caused by a hand movements that are regularly repeated causing a strain on the tendons and muscles in the fingers and wrist. This results in a loss of movement and an increase in pain when these movements are done. The symptoms can go from low pain to severe pain and lead to permanent disabilities.

    To reduce the onset of these types of injury's and to prevent possible claims of neglect by employers, many businesses are ensuring that they are:-

    •Carrying out work place risk assessments for staff

    •Ensure that regular screen breaks are scheduled and taken.

    •Provide information on suggested rest breaks.

    •Train them on appropriate office exercises

    Businesses that choose not to carry out a work place risk assessment and implement ergonomic equipment where appropriate, run the risk of being sued for neglect as employers have a statutory duty of care to their employees.

    Recent studies have found that ergonomic equipment can lead to:-

    1,Greater Accuracy and Precision at work.

    2, Greater comfort when using equipment

    3, More Productivity

    Reading user reviews is one way to ensure you are selecting the best / right ergonomic equipment for your office. You should pay particular attention to upgrading to an ergonomic mice such as the highly rated DXT ergonomic mouse, and an ergonomic keyboards as these are high use items. All of which not only reduce the risk of strain but also usually increase a person’s productivity.

    With claims from RSI being awarded on average $33,0000, it is estimated that this illness costs employers over $80 billion yearly. Currently, Carpal Tunnel Syndromea form of RSI is believed to currently affect over 8-million Americans.

    Unfortunately only 23% of people who have surgery are able to go back to their previous employment after they have operations to fix the injury.

    Typists that can produce work at the rate of 40 words a minute or more are pressing over 96,0000 keys per 8 hour working day. As a result they are one of the most high risk groups of developing RSI. An ergonomic keyboard can reduce the pressure each finger uses and substantially reduce the risk of injury.

    The National Ergonomics Conference in Las Vegas on 2-5 December 2014 will be a great venue for business to learn how to complete risk assessments and view a wide range of ergonomic work space solutions from manufacturers around the world. All the solutions should boost productivity and reduce workplace injury’s which is what everyone wants.

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