Evidence Japanese Snow Monkeys Are Really Just Having Spa Days

It’s just 24/7 shoulder massages and soaks in the hot springs for these guys.

“I’ve got a kink in my neck again, Deb. I swear to you, if those kids don’t calm down I’m going to leave them in the east pool.”

Melanie: What happened to us?
Terrance: Life happened, Melanie.

“Ooooh just the right temp”

“Aaaand feel the stretch”

“I really think you need to be moisturizing more, especially in this weather.”

“I cannot believe Rhonda showed up after what happened last week with Debra. And she looks awful.”

“You’ve got magic hands, Ronald. Truly magical.”

“Not so hard Clarissa! You know I have a sensitive scalp!”

A personal foot massage is the best kind of foot massage.

True glamour at the spa

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