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10 Of The Most Non-Threatening Fears You Can Have

Why be scared of airplanes when you can be scared of pickles? Vicious, Vicious Pickles.

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4. Pickles

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As they say, pickles are just cucumbers soaked in evil. Delicious evil.

5. Your Dog / Via[term]=scared%20baby&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=16

Oh baby, you have so much to learn. One day you will be single and alone and poor and googling "french bulldogs" in New York and realize how lucky you had it.

8. Balloons

Thought you were the only one? Turns out, there is a support group for people just like you.

"Every trip to the grocery store, every party, every day at

work or at school, we must walk with caution, living a life of almost constant


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