9 Things I Wish I Would Have Learned In College

Because taking the history of arts and crafts just doesn’t cut it in the real world.

1. How to file taxes

Filing taxes just sounds like the worst thing in the world. Especially if it means I have to pay someone to do it because I have no idea what I’m doing.

2. How to make a budget

… and stick to it

3. What is insurance

Car, health, life, dental. When does it end, when does it end?!

4. How to pick up your entire life and just move

5. When and why should I start saving for retirement

I can’t retire for another 40 years, why should I start saving now when there’s things I need to buy.

6. How to handle a hangover in a professional setting

7. How to cope with the with not having a Spring Break or long holidays in general

Oh you mean I don’t get a full week off of work to go to the beach and do nothing but binge drink?

8. Cars

What do you do when you get in a wreck? How long can I really go without getting my oil changed?

9. How to deal with people

Yes, just people in general.

BRB trying to go be an adult

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