• 1. Pokemon

    The endless array of cards, video games and accessories can ignite a young kid’s imagination for hours upon hours. And seriously, how much fun would it be to sit around conjuring names like Pikachu, Koffing and Weezing all day?

  • 2. Giga Pets/Tamagotchi

    A handheld “egg” that eats, plays, “poops” and even dies, providing kids with a digital spin on the circle of life.

  • 3. Beanie Babies

    Who didn’t collect these saggy cuties in the ’90s? And believe it or not, these PVC-pellet stuffed animal bean bags still fetch upwards of $375 on eBay!

  • 4. Furby

    This owly-looking Zhu Zhu predecessor forecasted more than $300M in sales back in 1999 and spoke “Furbish” plus 40 — count ’em — 40 other languages!

  • 5. Razor Scooter

    How DO our children learn to balance and ride two metal bars with two small wheels so damn fast?

  • 6. Magic 8 Ball

    An eight ball that tells your fortune through the arbitrary positioning of a floating octagon? Talk about a profound lesson in synchronicity!

  • 7. Tech Dech

    An early lesson in cool, these cute mini-skateboard replicas are designed to encourage your mini-Tony Hawk to scale mini-skate ramps with their ever-so dexterous mini-fingers.

  • 8. Ouija Board

    Without a scientific explanation for exactly how this portal channels messages from the great beyond, color us M..Y..S..T..F..I..E..D.

  • 9. Garbage Pail Kids

    Can you believe these cheeky Gen X trading cards illustrated with exploding-headed children are still hot stuff?

  • 10. Bobblehead Dolls

    Whether you’re prepared to acknowledge it or not, watching a large head float atop a really small body can be kind of funny.