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    • b324

      2 things.  When the victim hits the killer and they fall, the victim turns their back on the killer and breathes a sigh of relief. You’re sighing because they fell backwards? How about finding out if the killer is really dead, if not, kill them and LEAVE. Don’t stop to sigh that allows just enough time for the killer to get back up behind you.  And the panning of the camera. When the good guy is in the center of the screen and then the camera starts slowly panning to the right or left, you just know that something is going to jump out, break through or just randomly appear in the new space. It’s too predictable.

    • b324

      @wurtzmaggie…are you incapable of searching out and educating yourself? Why should I or anyone else have to do YOUR homework. The stories of Hobby Lobby and their investments with the pharmaceutical companies that make these so-called abortion pills has been in the news for months and is available through any search engine. Why don’t you take the time to educate yourself. Maybe also educate yourself on HL and their business dealings with China, a country that actually forces abortions on women. Or the fact that they don’t provide paid maternity leave. You’d think a company who supposedly loves babies and pregnancies would reward woman who choose to have a baby. Also Plan B is NOT an abortion pill. Like Hobby Lobby, you are void of intelligence and facts. This had nothing to do with being forced to do something against their Christian beliefs. The 4 birth control pills deemed illegal are no more abortion pills/medication than the 16 birth control pills they are still willing to pay for. This lawsuit was and is nothing more than getting a foot in the door to control legislation and healthcare for women. Eventually this will spill out into other medications and procedures and eventually will broach a subject that will touch your life personally. The only problem is that by the time it touches you and you get angry, there will be no one left to fight on your behalf because you gave too much power to the wrong people at this time. Apathy is so disgusting.

    • b324

      Like I believe for one second that you would be okay with an atheist or Muslim company being allowed to pull something like this and deny healthcare and medication because it was against their believes. The second Hobby Lobby stops their business dealings with the pharmaceutical companies that make these so-called abortion pills is when I’ll believe they did this because it goes against their believes. And illegal aliens aren’t what is stopping you from putting food on the table. And if they are, illegal aliens come from ALL over the world, through every border and port and airport in this country, yet I dont see any other ethnicity or nationality being as polarized and hated like Mexicans. Every single person in this country should be treated like an illegal alien and be forced to prove they are legit Americans. But the question then becomes, how far back does your family have to go to be considered a “true” American? Can YOU prove your ancestors came here legally? If not, maybe it’s time to send YOU back to Europe and cleanse this country back to the true Americans. See how stupid that sounds.

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