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What It's Like When You Try A New Lip Color

I don't know...Will I actually wear it?

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1. You walk into Sephora, lips nude (and sad). The workers stare at you.

Disney / Via

♫The people don't start staring 'til you walk in...♫

2. Maybe I should leave. My lips are making people uncomfortable.

Fox / Via


3. But waitwaitwait I came in for a reason.

You can do this.

4. You walk in slowly.

Maybe no one will notice you.

5. But inevitably, some perky Sephora girl will want to help.

VH1 / Via

I guess you can't blame her. She's only doing her job.

6. You can say no all you want, they're still going to be attached to your leg until you leave.

TriStar Pictures / Via


7. She'll ask you what kind of lipstick you want.

Fox / Via

I don't know. Isn't that why you're here?

8. She'll ask if you'd like to try something bold and new.

BBC / Via

You'll try it, just for the hell of things.

9. She pulls out a terrible color.

20th Century Fox / Via

Honey, I don't know if green lipstick works for you, but it doesn't work for me.

10. Another color.

ABC / Via

"Camel" isn't an appealing lip color name.

11. You tell her that you aren't looking to try something that bold.

Universal Pictures / Via

She acts like she's done something horribly wrong and deserves to be punished. Or like you're just being a rude customer.

12. Maybe something more along the red lines?

Maybe not navy blue.

13. You find three or more perfect reds, and can't decide between them.

CBS / Via

This one's bold, but this one lasts, but this one is cheaper...


14. She'll try and help you by weeding them out.

Logo / Via

One by one, she'll throw them away.

15. Of course, the cheapest one makes you look washed out.

Goodbye, rent money.

16. The second one is much too bold.

Logo / Via

No way anybody would take you seriously. You could never pull that off.

17. And the third one...

Logo / Via

This color makes you look flawless.

18. But it's so expensive.

Disney / Via

Like I said, goodbye home.

19. So you reluctantly try to walk away.

Fox / Via

Very reluctantly.

20. But you can't just leave it there!

It would be so sad.
azurite / Via

It would be so sad.

21. You go back.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

(Knowing you won't be eating for the next week)

22. But hey, beauty is pain, amirite? / Via


23. You fork over $60 dollars, but go home happily.

Now your lips won't look like the naked mole rat from Kim Possible.
Disney / Via

Now your lips won't look like the naked mole rat from Kim Possible.

24. You drive home, slowly.

E4 / Via

Not to disturb the natural beauty of the lipstick.

25. Rush inside and scurry to the bathroom.

NBC / Via

I'm so excited I'm so excited I'm so excited I'm so excited eeeeeeeeee

26. You open it, and it's perfect.

It's even got that new tube smell.

27. You cherish the moment before the first application.

ABC / Via


28. It applies even better than at the store.

I blame the sales assistant.

29. It makes you feel confident.


And sexy.

30. And no one will bring you down.

Columbia Records / Via

31. You go, girl.

Fox / Via

Or boy. I don't judge.

You go, everybody.

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