The Stages Of Realizing Your Post Was Boosted On BuzzFeed

EEEEEeeEEEEEEeEEEEeEEeeeeEEeeEeEeEeeEE is this happening??

1. Hmm. You haven’t been on BuzzFeed for a couple days.

I guess I’ll check on my posts.

2. Wait, is this even my dashboard?

No f*cking way.

3. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodddddd.

I have eighty. Thousand. Views.

4. A staff member must have boosted me up!

I love BuzzFeed so much.

5. You feel like crying. Or vomiting. Or singing.

You don’t care. You’re just in love with the mysterious staff member.
Shout out to you, whoever you are.

6. You go and tell your mom and your dad and your brother Jeff and your Dog Jasper and all four of your cats.

You’ll be so excited you’ll be dancing.

7. But it’s likely they won’t give a sh*t.

“We’ve heard you a million times!”

8. But they won’t rain on your parade.

They can’t. Why?

9. Because who’s got 80k views on BuzzFeed?


10. You.

Not them.

11. You go, girl/boy/hermaphrodite.

You’re fabulous.

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