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    10 Reasons Entering Middle School Sucks

    There are so many people.

    1. There are so many people.


    It's especially crappy if you're a germaphobe.

    All those prepubescent bodies probably infected with colds, shuffling around in a dirty hallway. *shudders*

    2. You have 7-8 classes in one day.


    You'll probably get lost.

    3. You'll probably be tardy a lot.


    With so many classes to juggle, you'll be late at least once this year, I promise.

    4. Along with that, there are a ton of new teachers.


    Most of which you'll have to suck up to in order to get on their good side.

    5. Oh, and new friends too. Yay.


    A new crowd. A new you. A new oh my god that's Amanda from elementary act natural and maybe she won't come over.

    Btw you might turn into a dick. Don't be that person. Be nice to your friends until you drift apart.

    6. Puberty with a capital P.


    Sweaty armpits, body odor, breasts, pubes.

    7. Unless you have at least one after school activity, you're boring.


    Don't get me wrong, I love afterschool activities (I swear I had 5) but if you suck at everything they have to offer and don't want to participate, people kind of label you as uncultured.

    8. You'll probably have to ride a bus to school.


    It's almost inevitable, and it'll suck.

    9. You'll spend so much money on supplies.


    But it's kinda fun...

    10. And I wish I could tell you it's fun.


    But lol I kind of can't.

    11. Have fun. And good luck.

    You'll need it.

    Because after elementary, errythang sux.

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